Zoner Photo Studio X: A Traveler’s best friend, one that stays at home

Zoner Photo Studio X: A Traveler’s best friend, one that stays at home2019-11-27T03:39:17-05:00


So you’re back from a trip…and of course, I hope you had an awesome adventure that included the unexpected, lots of smiles, new food, good weather and great vibes. Hopefully you pulled out the camera on many occasions and embedded time into a digital form.

Now toss your travel clothes into the washing machine, grab a drink, a snack and sit down to look at what you’ve captured! 

We’re going to take a look at a photography application that approached us and so we took it for a spin, that program is Zoner Photo Studio X for Windows.  


Make good looking photos before your hair turns grey 

The basic idea behind Zoner Photo Studio is to take everything a photographer needs for developing their digital photos and put it into one easy-to-understand application. This way you can make quick edits (push colors here and there, style your photo with a preset etc.), extensive edits (well, not everyone is fond of changing the sky, but yes you can!) or make a movie from your camera clips. And all of this without the need to learn 3 apps, (think Lightroom, Photoshop and some video editor).

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Quickly sort and manage a full card of photographs from your adventure

Are you someone  who hates sorting their photos or the tidy collection owner? In any case, ZPS X can help you with keeping your photos in order (or finding the image you want  when you need it). Feature-wise we offer perks like automatic import from SD cards (with possible renaming), image starring and color-tagging, keywords and even a map placement (and you don’t even need a camera supporting GPS, but more on that later).

You can also start looking at all of your RAW files right away without having to wait for them to load fully. In most cases we want the sharpest pictures, so it’s useless to spend time waiting for each file to load fully when we know many of them will end up in the trash anyway. The versatility of ZPS X lies in the fact that if you prefer to preload all of the pictures, you can, there’s no correct way ZPS X will force you to follow. 

The same applies when cataloging. ZPS X works with the folders on your disk and using the catalog in this software is voluntarily. Using it will, for example, help you with searching the photos. ZPS X presents the universal search box. Just start writing what you need to find and it will scan keywords, rating, metadata (or even a position on the map) and it will instantly find you the images that match even the most complicated filter parameters.


How to rapidly improve the look of your photos

Now that you have your photos sorted, let’s breathe some more spice into what you captured. ZPS X offers a Develop module (similar to Lightroom). Cropping or rotating a picture slightly to get that exact composition you were going for can do wonders. You can also adjust your exposure (the first set of sliders), color temperature and even adjust individual color tones- a really handy tool. If you’re at a loss for time, feel free to bypass this process and just click the Auto-Enhance button and ZPS X will do the magic for you. 

Lastly, if you happened to keep a photo that wasn’t perfectly in focus but just had so much soul you had to keep it, feel free to sharpen it up in the ‘sharpness’ tab. Just remember slightly out-of-focus pictures being sharpened artificially will still look good on social media but not on canvas as a wall decoration. You can zoom in, to get a better feel for what the slider does and make sure you don’t go overboard. Too much of anything is not good. Like that time you sunbathed for 3 hours and thought you didn’t need sunscreen.


A map of the world showing everywhere you’ve adventured

Think of an adventure you had 5 years ago. Can you remember exactly where you took each photo? Probably not. Although most people still don’t assign GPS coordinates to photos, we found a couple features that should convince you to start. 

First, ZPS can show all of your GPS-tagged photos on a world map! 

Once you display the Map in the manager module (see the top-center toolbar, change “Browser” for “Map”) you’ll see that it can show all of the places you’ve visited.

It’s an awesome feature of the catalog (see, it’s useful). You just need to have your photos cataloged, then use the search box and hit “Show including subfolders”. Voilá, your photos are on the map.

Another map-related cool feature is searching for photos based on the location. Let’s say you want to show all photos taken in a 10 miles radius around a particular landmark (and for the sake of example it could be your summer cottage). You just pick the point in the search box, increase the radius and your summer vacation photos will pop out.

If you don’t have a camera with GPS (or have it disabled due to battery draw), do not worry, ZPS X can read track logs from your smartphones and pair them with the photos. Or, you can drag the photos on the map manually any time.


Showing your journey to the world

Now that you’ve got your trip organized, spiced up and you can even pinpoint them on a map, you might be itching to share them. 

Now if we could only find a good online gallery without ads, create an account, dodge all of the premium offers, upload the photos via web browser …. No, no, wait, it’s 2019, you don’t have to do any of this.

Zoner Photo Studio has integrated it’s own online gallery, Zonerama, With a clean and vibrant presentation it’s an excellent place to share your adventures.

You can just drag and drop the photos to Zonerama directly in Zoner Photo Studio. There’s also the option of keeping your photos private (or visible for password-knowing people) 

If you are a social media animal, you will love the exporting options. You can prepare pictures for your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, 500pix, and your website in a single click (ZPS X will allow you to run multiple export operations with different settings at once).

Whew! That was a lot but I’m sure we’ve managed to pull out just a little bit more from the original versions of your photographs. Don’t be afraid to experiment either as sometimes those paths can lead us to new experiences just like when your adventuring.

You can try Zoner Photo Studio X on your own with a free 30 day trial from the Zoner website. The folks from Zoner also write a magazine about photography and photo editing that you can follow.

Score for a limited time only, 25% off the regular ZPS X license.


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