Wander Fund

Thanks for visiting this page, as I know it means that you might be interested in lending a hand! Of course you are!

Well, here’s what I have in mind.

If I am able to raise just a little extra money through this website, I will be in a position to do three things:

  • Give some money to respected organizations in some of the countries I visit
  • Keep this website as well-maintained as possible (it takes a significant amount of work and time to do this)
  • Secure my release in the event that I am ever taken hostage or kidnapped (again)


#1. Links to Useful Products/Services: At the bottom of this page you’ll find a list of useful links to such online retailers as Amazon.com. If you visit these sites using these links, a small commission from your purchases will be added to my Wander Fund. You won’t be charged anything extra, but a little money is sent my way.

#2. A Few Dollars: If you’re interested, you can send me a small amount of money (or any amount for that matter) and I’ll be sure to put that money to good use. Even a tiny amount can go a long way with helping me achieve the goals I mentioned above!

#3. Travel Resources: Head over to my Travel Resources page and purchase one of the useful guides on offer. If you’re interested in any form of travel or even travel blogging, you’re bound to find a valuable resource on this page.

Every time money is collected through this site, you can be sure that I will inform everyone about where it went and exactly what that money was used for.

Your support is always deeply appreciated!


Here are those links I mentioned above…

Amazon.com – It’s the #1 online retailer…so don’t forget to click on this link the next time you’re about to shop for anything!

Travel insurance from WorldNomads.com – You can buy, extend and claim online even after you’ve left home. Recommended by Lonely Planet, World Nomads travel insurance is available to people from over 150 countries and is designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Bluehost – I use Bluehost as the server for many of my websites – it’s cheap (no more than $6.95/month), reliable, user-friendly and their customer service is unreal (average response time of less than 10 minutes to questions I’ve emailed them).

Affilorama – This New Zealand operation offers one of the most comprehensive resources for anyone interested in earning money on the internet. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn from – videos, tutorials, articles, interviews and constant updates.

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  1. Hi Earl! Wow, what an inspiring story you’ve got. If you ever need some graphic design work done I’d be happy to work with you no charge – my way of helping you live the dream! My husband and I hope to move abroad and go exploring in the next year or two. Thanks for the happy thoughts!

  2. Hi Earl,

    This is the life i always want.. Your life is so fascinating, i wish I could do it to. Your an inspiration..

  3. Loved the stories Earl. I am similar kind of blogger like you but to different domain…i.e. digital marketing and raising fund so that I can start my own academy and teach rural children the beauty of digital world and how it can change their life.

  4. Hello Earl, I also came across your blog, I live in NYC. I find it fascinating, your blog. Although life in NYC is much different than Yemen, I am considering traveling there to just lend support, and tell atleast one family, it will be ok. Its not a safe place, but if we as humans run when life is unsafe, why do we exist. My question is the type of clothing I should wear. Will sweatpants be taken offensively? Are certain colors considered taboo?

  5. Hi again Earl, Just slung a few bucks your way for your help re friends in Aleppo, and other Syria clues as well, too long ago. Hope it rebalances my karma a little. Hope you’re well.

  6. Hi earl, I am 13 and I was just looking for jobs that would allow me to travel and I came across your blog which I have been reading for a few hours now. I am hoping to travel in the future. I have been saving up to go to africa for much of my life and I would love to hear about your experiences in south africa. Your life sounds like a dream, i would love to experience everything that you have, besides the kidnapping and stolen car:) Thank you!

  7. Hey Earl,
    We have been on the road for 6 months now- ripping through France, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, and currently Indonesia (sweating my ass off as we speak). You have helped us through quite a few jams- with English teaching certs, visas, book publishing, flights, jobs.

    This has been one hell of an adventure, and we have coped well with our new permanent nomadic lifestyle thanks to your guidance and encouraging posts…

    With preparation and scrupulously reading your posts… as it stands we are hospitality professionals with CELTA certifications now- and we have job offers (hospitality and education) in 5 different countries on 3 different continents.

    Its because of you we are equipped and feel like we can now go anywhere and do anything.

    We will definitely contribute when the paychecks start rolling in.

    1. Hey Mike – That’s fantastic news and I’m honestly very happy for you guys! Just another example of turning that goal into a reality and such a story will hopefully inspire others to do the same. Looking forward to meeting up somewhere out there!

  8. so I have read all of them! some great ideas, when ever you do have the chance, could you make a post about the visa/legal side of traveling for so long?! I am trying to get as much information about it online, but its so confusing! I bet you have plenty of knowledge about that! =)

  9. Hey Earl!
    Let me just start by saying that I think you just became my traveling guru!!! I LOVE your blog and you have made my dream of travel seem like a possible reality! I just finished reading your post about how to earn money while traveling, and thank goodness I found your blog because, let me tell you, your the first person that has given information about that without saying that I need to initially spend money! Like really!? but anyway, Love love love your blog. I actually wanted to ask if you had any other money making tips! 3 of my friends and I are planning a trip abroad for a year, and that is the only thing that is worrying me about the whole thing. I will for sure be back on here to read up on more of your traveling knowledge and I love Amazon, so I will for sure make them send some money your way! Thanks Giada

  10. I enjoy every of your blogs. Your advice and tips on making money online is timely for me. As soon as I get money, I will definitely help out because you have helped me so much.

  11. Hi Earl… For several years I have thought about signing my children up for online schooling and traveling the world to give them a REAL education. However my funds are so limited and I’ve never heard of parents doing this kind of venture besides military children. I’m a paralegal and deal with personal finance. Yet my heart is community development and volunteerism. Can you please provide any suggestions. My daughter is 2 and my son is 7.

    1. It’s totally doable Niki. Here’s what I’d do:

      1) Network with others doing it
      2) Transition your work to online-only
      3) Begin preparing the kids
      4) Choose your destinations wisely
      5) JUMP IN!

      On the topic of education, I’d recommend learning as much as you can about unschooling, and then planning to support your kids as they make a transition from learning to working. Remember, though: One learns a *a lot* by working, so along the way, find them work opportunities that will provide them with learning opportunities.

  12. Thank you Earl I wanted to encourage every visitor to give a little so the good things in life can live longer. as you hear in News there is lot of evil everywhere, We still can find and breath something of peace in websites like yours.

  13. Hey Earl! i am so glad i ran into your website because i really want to live the same lifestyle and i’ve learned so much already!
    I am 17 and i live in Costa Rica (you’ve most likely been here). Right now at at the time where i have to start applying for college and all that but what i really want to do is study a little then start traveling for the next 20 years hopefully and then settle in Australia. I just wanted to say thanks for motivating me a bit more and ask you some questions. Fist off, what do you really need to get jobs easily while traveling? Second in your experience which cities are the most ”rookie” friendly? Finally what are the most important things i should know before traveling?
    Thank you and if you’re ever in Costa Rica and need a place to stay look me up, that is if im still here 😉

  14. Hey Earl, I am using your Amazon button, Does this work if I already have an account I am signed into, I just want to make sure you are getting my business!!! Great blog and tips by the way!!!
    Misti and Chad

    1. Hey Misti and Chad – Yes, it should still work when using the links on my site 🙂 Thanks so much for doing that, that does mean a lot to me!

  15. Hey! I’m 18 and not interested in attending college. After months of hard thinking, I’ve decided I NEED to “buy the ticket, take the ride.” and live abroad as a “nomad” Considering my very-tight budget, which place(s) do you think I should begin my journey!? x

    1. Hey Bee – That’s a tough call as I always say that people should go to the places that excite them the most! If you close your eyes, what destinations make you want to pack your bag and fly there right away? But as for budget destinations, you really can’t beat the value of Southeast Asia 🙂

  16. Hi my name is Maia (as it says). I’m 13 years old and started checking out your site today. Lately I’ve been interested in traveling. That in itself if interesting is interesting considering the majority of my life I’ve thought “I would never ride a plan or boat. I guess I’ll have to stay at home.” But suddenly I’ve changed my mind. I’ve created a must go to list, but that’s not why I’m writing to you. I’m writing to say thanks! Reading your stories I’ve laughed out loud, smiled, and thought a little bit about something I’ve never even thought about thinking. 🙂 You’ve inspired me a lot. Have fun on your travels and thanks so much!

    1. Hey Maia – It’s great to have you as a reader and it looks like you might have some traveling in your future, especially if you are making a list already! That’s how it all begins…with a list…and then before you know you’ll be out there exploring the world and experiencing everything with your own eyes.

  17. I think you’re my new hero. I started traveling in September of 2011 and after a meager 8 countries(I’m at 18 in total, but that’s nothing compared to your list!), I’m currently stationed near Valparaiso, Chile where I am teaching English until December. I have no desire to stop traveling after that, so I will no doubt be following your blog for some more tips and ideas. Keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re an inspiration and it’s so awesome that you’re doing what you love for as long as possible!

    1. Thanks Ashley and welcome to the site! I shall look forward to communicating with you some more and in the meantime, keep on enjoying life in Chile (which I assume you’re enjoying)!

  18. Hi Earl,

    I just stumbled across your site and think it’s awesome. I’ve been reading your entries for a couple hours and love them. The one I’d like to know about, and can’t find, is about your kidnapping!


  19. Hi Earl,

    I just discovered your website and facebook page. My dream has been to travel the world meeting new people and learning new languages, but right now I’m just a college student and I’m not sure how to go about funding.
    I’m just curious. You finished college before you left the USA, right? How do you keep a steady income? or one that will allow you the basics: food, water, and shelter?
    Have you picked up any new languages along your travels?
    Well, I guess I will get back to reading your blogs.

    1. Hey Allie – Thank you for the comment! I did finish college before I began traveling although my degree hasn’t really helped me out too much. As for income, I recommend having a read of my post “How I Can Afford My Life of Travel” for more information on how I’ve earned my money over the years. This post details exactly what I’ve done for work since I began traveling. With languages, I’ve generally picked up a little bit of many languages as I’m rarely in one place long enough to become fluent. However, I have been spending a lot of time in Mexico lately and so my Spanish is getting to be quite good. Wherever I go I do try to learn some of the language as this always enhances the experience.

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