Your Life Should Be The Greatest Success Story Ever Told

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(This post is part of a unique project organized by Jonny over at Through his efforts, a new inspirational eBook titled “SUCCESS” has just been released that consists of 30 bloggers’ personal definitions of the term ‘success’ and how to achieve it. The eBook is completely free to anyone interested and can be downloaded here: The Success eBook. In addition, most of the bloggers featured in the book have written a post this week about their thoughts on success in the hopes of creating a massive wave of inspiration around this topic! So, here’s my post…)

The day that I considered myself to be successful was the day I decided that nothing was going to stop me from achieving the craziest of my goals. At the time, my craziest of goals was to travel for as long as I was wanted without having to stop and figuring out a way to survive along the way without having to return home to take up a normal job.

I immediately knew that the difficulties and challenges would be plentiful, the nagging from family and friends to settle down unbearable and the road ahead overflowing with unknown answers to many of life’s important questions. But I still felt successful nonetheless.

At the time of this realization, I didn’t own a home. I didn’t even rent one and I had no bed to call my own. I didn’t have a business or a job and I naturally had no income. In fact, all I had was a pair of shorts, three t-shirts, one pair of sandals, a camera and just over $1000 to my name. Yet none of that mattered, because to me, success has nothing to do with any of those things.

Whether you have one backpack holding all of your possessions or you divide your time between three mansions, a castle and two yachts, the measurement of your success should be separate from the monetary value or sheer number of your material possessions. Of course, we hear this all the time, but I find it to be so undebatably true that an extra mention certainly can’t hurt. As I wrote in the Success eBook I mentioned above, “Success is living in active pursuit of what you truly want in life, not what others want for you.”

Can you think of anything more fulfilling than living the life of your dreams? Is there any greater success story than that? That’s why we have dreams. They represent our loftiest goals and ideals for what we want to see happen during our time on this planet. Some people claim that without unachievable dreams, we’ll lose our motivation and drive to work hard in life, but I disagree.

I think we all have two distinct choices:

1. Consider our dreams to be unachievable and give up before even attempting to reach them.


2. Live out our dreams, then create new ones, and live out those as well (and repeating this cycle over and over again).

Easier said than done, I know that. But it’s nowhere close to being impossible. And if something isn’t impossible (very few things are truly impossible anyway), then logically speaking, that means it is POSSIBLE!

So if achieving the greatest success imaginable is possible, why would we spend our lives in pursuit of anything else?

I once envisioned living a life involving constant world travel. And I somehow achieved it. Now I dream of using these years of travel to promote the benefits of global citizenship. And I plan on reaching that goal as well.

If I can achieve my definition of success, then anyone can do the same. I’m just a normal guy, having grown up in a suburb of Boston, receiving a normal education and enduring the same pressures as everyone to conform to the traditional path of life. But here I am now, living one block from a white-sand beach in Mexico, learning Spanish, interacting with new people, connecting with other global citizens through this website, earning income through unique business ventures and regretting not one minute of this adventure.

Now again, this was my dream, my version of ultimate success. It’s obviously not everybody’s goal. But whatever is your true goal, it can be attained.

One of the most common reactions I hear from other people who have decided to pursue their goals and end up finding personal success is: “That was much easier than I thought.” Of course, they undoubtedly put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears and it might have taken several years or more to achieve what they wanted. But seriously, isn’t a little blood and sweat or two years of struggle worth the result of living a life you once thought would remain a fantasy inside your head forever?

If you’re still not convinced, have a quick look at what all 30 inspirational lifestyle designers, nomads, and global citizens have to say: The Success eBook. It’s well worth the read and again, it’s absolutely free to anyone interested!

And any efforts to share this post and the link to the eBook will be greatly appreciated as our goal is to get this eBook into the hands of 50,000 people worldwide. Perhaps this book will provide that final push of motivation that will lead someone to a more fulfilling life!

What’s your idea of success? Please share your unique definition below!

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Comments 16

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  2. Great title!!

    I think everyone thinks this when they are kids. Then, their lives is the number one story but as we get older we can get lost in a sea of demands and details and lose sight of what we really want in life or think that it’s impossible.

    Your title is a fantastic reminder to everyone that it is possible! I’ve just turned 40 and want to use this as a spur to shape my life into one I really want. I will use your title as inspiration for the times (quite often) I start to lose faith that it will ever happen.

    Thanks again. I’m sure you will succeed at your new mission in life.
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Dental Problem – How to take better care. =-.

    1. Hey Chris – thank you for your comment and I’m happy to hear you found some inspiration with the title alone! You’re definitely right in saying that as we get older it becomes much easier to get lost and lose our initial motivation we once had to accomplish great things in life. But I am a believer that it is never too late…the goals and dreams we once had are still there, they’re just buried under years of doing what we thought was the right thing to do. All it takes is one glimpse of that success we always envisioned to suddenly find ourselves once again dedicated to shaping our lives in a way that we truly want…and it doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 40, 60 or 80!

      With that said, I ‘m also certain that you will succeed in your efforts to create the life you really want!

    1. My thanks goes to you Jonny for asking me to be a part of your great idea! You sure did an impressive job putting the Success eBook together!

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    1. Hey Walter – I agree. Each person definitely needs to create their own definition of success and use that as their guide through life. And I hope you’re achieving your definition!!!!

  4. “Your Life Should Be The Greatest Success Story Ever Told”…

    I wish I could share this thought with the rest of the world. So much truth in such a few words! I think a person has to be VERY BRAVE to acomplish his/her success… it all comes together!

    I am clicking on the ebook right now. I look forward for recieving more thoughts that keep inspiring me (and hopefully others as well!).


    1. Thanks Liz! It definitely does take a bit of courage these days to make the decision not to follow the blueprint for success forced upon us by society in general. But once you free yourself from those shackles, the freedom is liberating and we realize that creating your own definition of success, and achieving it, is not as impossible as we once feared. I hope you enjoyed the eBook!

  5. Hi ya Earl!

    Gosh, I sure enjoy reading your blog posts. Keep up the good work.

    It is a joy to know there are people like you out there. Great!

    You have chucked the safe road for the higher road of adventure.

    That’s remarkable about your life. You are a marginal master.

    Instead of joining the mainstream, you want to be constantly surprised by what you find on the margins or periphery of society. That is a very interesting lifestyle.

    Every thought of travel writing? Will we see a book soon?
    You are a good story-teller and really should consider that option. Try to maintain a daily journal of your ideas while you travel…just a few notes, jotted down here and there, and later you can convert that into something more academic, shall we say?

    1. Hi Archan! Your comment really connected with me as writing a book is on my life to-do list and something that I’ve never been able to finish as other projects seem to take a higher priority. I know I need to put it all together and make it happen and I will, I’ll promise you that! I love storytelling and have plenty of tales and thoughts I’d like to share. Ok, I’m now moving it up a few notches on the priority list!! Thanks so much for your inspirational words Archan.

  6. Hey Earl!

    To be honest, I have been letting the fear bug slip in (oh s&*t, am I supposed to say that based on what I call my blog??). Oh well, I said it!

    So, yeah, it’s some fear and it’s a lot of questioning. Questioning what I really want out of life. Questioning what my true intention is. I’ve slowed down quite a bit lately (most noticeably on Twitter, but also on commenting on others’ blogs) because I’m trying to investigate a lot of my feelings further. Why do I feel stressed out? Why do I feel the need to ‘accomplish’ something with such urgency? What is wrong with what I’m doing right now?

    I guess what I’m getting at is that while we don’t want to get caught up in constant stagnation and questioning (I definitely have issues with this), we should always question our motives and listen to our intuition. How do we feel? If something feels off, question it. Why does it feel off? I think the more that we listen to ourselves…and truly listen….the better we will be able to live our lives in full alignment with who we are as a person.
    .-= Nate´s last blog ..Mindful Eating =-.

    1. Hey Nate – It’s certainly easy to slip right into that self-examination mode where fear and questioning take complete control. And I agree, it is important to question our motives and make adjustments based upon how we feel. If we fail to do this then we are not really living in accordance with what we truly want, because chances are our goals and motives change all the time. But I think it’s all about balance and at least finding a general vision for your life so that even during periods of intense self-examination, you can still move forward and progress towards some of your goals.

      I’ve also learned that often times large chunks of negativity in our lives can be reduced or even eliminated with only minor adjustments. What immediately comes to mind is a change in eating habits, taking a meditation course to reduce stress, increased exercise or even spending an hour a day on a particular hobby. Or slowing down, just as you’re doing now. I can only imagine that this is going to have some real positive effects on your life.

  7. Word up.

    I’ve noticed that too – in retrospect, the things that you once thought were impossible, weren’t that difficult in the end. All you had to do was show up. Rock on, rockstar!

    1. Hey Ash – I think many people don’t even bother to show up because they just assume it’s useless, when all you need to do is take the first leap and watch the impossibility dissolve all around you! Here’s to success in all its amazing forms!!

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