XShot camera extender

Welcome to the second post of my “XShot Series”, a series that involves the display of photos and videos that I have captured with my new favorite piece of travel gear, my XShot camera extender. As you might have read in the first installment of this series, I use my XShot everywhere I go, both to take photos of myself and friends and to take advantage of the unique angles it allows for, and almost every time I pull it out of my backpack, several people, both travelers and locals alike, come over to watch how it works.

And whenever someone does ask me about it, all I do is give them a quick, simple response – “Just get one!

Video: All Alone at a Remote Lighthouse

Everything below is from my recent trip to Latvia, Estonia and Finland and I’m going to start with a video that I filmed during my stay at the Bengtskar Lighthouse in the Gulf of Finland, a video that actually shows what happens to the mind when you’re in such an isolated location. And without my XShot, creating such a video would not have been possible at all…enjoy!

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XShot Photos: Latvia, Estonia & Finland

Stick your camera outside your hotel window and capture a different view of the street. (Riga, Latvia)

View of Riga, Latvia

Your panoramic city views just got better because you can be in them…just try to avoid being in the shade! (Riga, Latvia)

Local Festival, Pispala, Finland

Rise above the crowd at a local festival you happen to discover during your wanderings. (Pispala, Finland)

My Hostel Room in Helsinki, Finland

Take a photo of your hostel room, a photo that you would not be able to take without an XShot. (Helsinki, Finland)

Street Performer, Helsinki, Finland

Want a unique shot of a street performer and the crowd watching him? It’s a done deal! (Helsinki, Finland)

St. Peter's Cathedral Viewing Platform, Tallinn

Another city, another Cathedral viewing platform…but the XShot gives you a completely different photograph. (Tallinn, Estonia)

Meeting a Friend in Tallinn

When you meet up with an old friend, you’ll now have unique photos to help keep the memories fresh. (Tallinn, Estonia)

Kayaking in Tampere, Finland

Show everyone back home that you are capable of rowing a canoe with the best of them. (Tampere, Finland)

I Am a Viking, Rosala, Finland

Enjoy dressing up as a Viking every now and then as well? Sure you do, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. (Rosala, Finland)

Outside the Old Match Factory, Tampere, Finland

Stick your camera through an opening in the wall of an old match factory…who knows what you’ll find below? (Tampere, Finland)

New Friends in Tampere, Finland

When meeting new friends, you’ll have new angles to remember them by, even the ones who don’t smile. (Tampere, Finland)

Climbing the Steps of a Lighthouse, Bengtskar

Spending the night at a remote lighthouse? Don’t forget to look down as you climb the stairwell to the top! (Bengtskar Lighthouse, Finland)

Pretty darn cool, right? And it’s all thanks to my XShot.

All I can say now is, “Just get one!”

Versions available: Pocket XShot and XShot 2.0

*This post is sponsored by XShot LLC. I approached them about working together because I really believe their products are quite useful and since I only recommend items that I use and love myself, I felt that this partnership was a natural match.

Any questions about the XShot? Have you already purchased one and tested it out?