XShot camera extender
It’s so simple, yet it’s such a brilliant idea. And it’s something that is useful for every single traveler who takes photos during their adventures around the world. It’s actually useful for any human being who takes photos of anything, anywhere, at any time.

It’s the XShot camera extender, something that I’ve now been using religiously for the past two months after first seeing a friend of mine using one earlier this year. And now, I can’t imagine traveling without my XShot (I have the Pocket XShot version) as it instantly adds an entirely new dimension to my photography.

I’m not a great photographer at all, but that’s irrelevant when using this thing as no effort is needed to take photos from angles and perspectives that otherwise would be impossible. Just attach your camera, set the self-timer and extend the arm, and then say goodbye to your normal collection of standard shots as you begin to pile up photos that are so very different than any you’ve taken before.

In addition, the XShot takes up practically no space at all in your backpack or suitcase and it weighs almost nothing, which helps make it even more addicting to use.

Introducing The “XShot Series”

It’s because of my addiction that I decided to start a monthly series here on the blog in order to display some of the photos and videos that I’ve been taking with my XShot camera extender. Each post in the series will focus on a different region of the world and the first post, right here below, includes shots taken during my recent trip through the Balkans.

I have a feeling you’ll quickly agree that this is not only one of the coolest travel accessories out there, but it’s also an accessory that every traveler should carry…

Main Beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro

With the XShot, you can reach over the umbrellas at the beach (Ulcinj, Montenegro)

Miami Beach, Ulcinj, Montenegro

Or just reach over the entire beach (Miami Beach, Ulcinj, Montenegro)

On the beach in Montenegro

Or photograph yourself relaxing on the sand, while confirming that one nipple is indeed higher than the other (Ulcinj, Montenegro)

Old Town Fortress, Ulcinj, Montenegro

You can stick your camera through a small hole in a fortress wall & take a shot that nobody else can take (Ulcinj, Montenegro)

Old Town of Ulcinj, Montenegro

And then have someone else stick your camera through a small hole in a fortress wall for a shot of you flying (Ulcinj, Montenegro)

Kotor, Montenegro

Climb a mountain, extend your camera over the cliff edge and capture the beautiful old town below (Kotor, Montenegro)

Pizza time in Kotor, Montenegro

And why not grab a photo of you and a friend stuffing your face with yummy pizza (Kotor, Montenegro)

Friends in Kotor, Montenegro

Or perhaps an overhead photo of you and your friends enjoying an evening out on the town (Kotor, Montenegro)

Supermarket Restaurant, Belgrade, Serbia

Wherever you may be, just stick the camera right up to the ceiling and snap away (Belgrade, Serbia)

Ampitheater in Durress, Albania

Upon discovering that the ancient Roman amphitheater is closed, reach above the fence and take a great photo anyway (Durress, Albania)

Berat, Albania

Crossing a bridge? Extend the arm and make an everyday scene look much more unique (Berat, Albania)

People in Ohrid, Macedonia

Hold your camera out over the castle wall and see what you find below (Ohrid, Macedonia)

View of Skopje, Macedonia

Or stick your camera outside the cable car for a better view of the city…just watch out, it’s probably not allowed! (Skopje, Macedonia)

Baptism Ceremony, Skopje, Macedonia

When a random family you meet suddenly invites you to a baptism, you’ll get the best shots of the celebration (Skopje, Macedonia)

Working at Van Gogh Cafe, Bucharest

Or just take a photo of yourself while writing this blog post at a cafe in Eastern Europe (Bucharest, Romania)

VIDEO: An Afternoon With My XShot
The other day I took my XShot out and decided to demonstrate exactly how it works with a short video. You won’t believe how fun it is to use this thing!

(If you’re reading this post via email, please click here to watch the video.)

The XShot comes in two versions at the moment, the XShot 2.0 and the Pocket XShot, and the company also sells specially-designed iPhone cases that can then be used with the XShot extenders (see all their products at XShot.com). And the best part is that the XShot costs under $30 USD, making it a very affordable accessory, especially considering the amazing effect it will have on your photos!

*This post is sponsored by XShot LLC. I approached them about working together because I really believe their products are very useful and since I only recommend items that I use and love myself, I felt that this partnership was a natural match.

Have you used an XShot? What do you think? Would it be useful for you?