Favorite Charity

I need your help.

In the coming months, I’ll be starting work on a couple of new projects (as always!) and these projects have the potential to raise a good amount of money that I will want to give to charity. And while I have a few charities in my mind that do some excellent work out there, I wanted to hear your thoughts as well, knowing that many of you would have a favorite charity somewhere in the world that I probably have never heard of.

And since I’d like to do as much research as possible before choosing a charity or two or three to work with, I’d love for you to share your recommendations below. I know that some of you already listed your favorite organizations when I asked a similar question on my Facebook page earlier this week, and I absolutely thank you all for your quick responses. I’ve already started looking more closely at many of the charities you listed.

Right now, I’m just interested in getting even more ideas and learning about as many organizations as possible before actually making a decision.

I’m of course looking for organizations that not only claim to make a positive difference in the world but that are truly working hard to achieve their goals, organizations that use all, or the overwhelming majority, of money they receive to fund actual projects.

I’m open to anything, big or small, local or international, well-known or lesser-known causes, in any part of the world, as the projects I’m working on will hopefully have a global reach.

And while we’re at it, in order to make this post even more useful for anyone who happens to find it, please feel free to list any organizations that you have volunteered with overseas as well, organizations that offer opportunities to lend a hand without requiring you to spend a ton of money on administrative and other fees.

I’m constantly receiving emails from readers looking to volunteer with small, well-run, honest, local organizations in all corners of the planet, the kind of organizations that aren’t mentioned all over the internet. So any suggestions you may have for this as well would be greatly appreciated, not only by myself, but by your fellow readers of this blog.

And on that note, I shall look forward to reading your feedback and I thank you all very much in advance for your assistance!

So, what is your favorite charity? What is their aim? Why are they reputable? Where have you volunteered?