Welcome to My Life of Travel - Spectacular View, Mauritius

Welcome to My Life of Travel – Spectacular View in Mauritius

Derek Welcome to My Life of Travel 4 Comments

With the second episode of my new travel video series, I find myself high up on a rock in Mauritius, staring out at one of the most impressive landscapes I’ve ever come across in all my travels. We were hiking up the peninsula known as Le Morne when we suddenly decided to walk down a random path that veered off to the right.

That’s the path that led us to the spectacular 360 degree view, with mountains, valleys and the Indian Ocean all around us.

Here is that view, as well as a few details about my stay in Mauritius…

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  1. Never been to Mauritius but it’s definitely on the list. And yes, that’s a stunning view. Veering down random paths is often the best thing to do 🙂

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