I’ve been sitting here trying to write for the past few hours, finding it difficult to make any progress in what has seemed to be an unusual darkness. Only a few moments ago did it actually occur to me that the light is turned off in my room and the sun has now set. Absolutely perfect, I thought. This is often how I feel when I’m trying to write, as if I ‘m stumbling around in the dark for no reason at all.

Well, my friends, that will all change starting right now. Not only have I just switched the light on in my room, but I’m about to switch the light on on this website. It’s about time I pull myself…


For those of you who have been following this blog so far, you’ve noticed I’ve posted a random collection of travel stories, personal updates and general observations about life over the past couple of months. While I’m definitely happy with the progress of this site, I’ve reached the conclusion that both myself and my readers deserve more.

It has become clear to me that I have yet to even break the surface of what I want to say and of what I want to share. My life revolves around travel. In fact, my life is travel, as I am always backpacking through or living in some new land. But again, that’s only the surface. Why I actually live this lifestyle is the real question.

So, this 32-year old wanderer is about to make some changes.

I need to focus on the core of my travel addiction. A core that involves a strong desire to use my travel adventures and unique interactions in order to broaden my understanding of the world and help me become a global citizen. As a global citizen I am able to embark on even more adventures, but with an increased ability to promote cross-cultural understanding and the value of diversity, respect and equality, the opposites of which are the root of so much unnecessary fear and hatred these days. Basically, I am able to spread the love that travel has given me.


The expeditions of explorers throughout history have always fascinated me. With intense interest I read the tales of Marco Polo, Zheng He and Ernest Shackleton. The word alone – explorer – sounds magical to my ears and has always enjoyed the top spot on my list of most desirable professions imaginable.

Well, as of recently, I have achieved this dream. Starting last week, when people ask me what I do for a living, I have begun telling them that I am an explorer.

After discovering that I don’t travel by sailing ship or camel caravan and that I don’t carry around a quadrant or compass, I am typically asked to elaborate. And so I state that I am a ‘new breed of explorer‘, one who searches not for a more efficient sea passage to a faraway continent but who seeks instead a happier, more fulfilling and more globally beneficial course through life.

As we all know, there’s not really anything new about this idea. But the phrase acts as a constant reminder of why I spend my time wandering around the planet. The thought of being an explorer and putting myself in direct contact with the places, people and cultures that I want to learn about, is a feeling like no other. It is a feeling that tells me I’m doing something right.


Of course not. It’s one of many ways.

But here’s the thing, becoming a global citizen is my way. It’s what I know best and it’s a way that I know works and works incredibly well. So when I decided to have a good, long think about what this website was all about, I decided that I wanted to connect with and inspire people to become global citizens.

Not only that, but I also want to share my stories and provide an example of how a life of travel is, for lack of a better phrase, one hell of a good time! (White-sand beaches, wild festivals and champagne at the Pyramids of Giza are a few things that immediately come to mind!)

Before I digress too much, I’ll just mention that I have plenty to say about these topics, as will be evident with my future posts.

I’ve even added a new page to my website that gives a more detailed explanation of what I’m trying to get at here. While I repeated some of the information in this post, I think it’s still worth a read: New Breed of Explorer.


For now, let me just apologize if this post has come across as a bit scattered and all over the place. It has been written under the spell of uncontrollable excitement and motivation. It’s now 2:37am and I am as wide awake as one can possibly be without the assistance of chemicals. I’m literally pumped up over the direction of this site and it’s keeping me awake. Perhaps I need to go for a 3am run!

Before I lace up my trainers though, I want to sincerely thank all of my readers. Whether you have been following this site for some time or just happened to stumble upon it today, I am thrilled to have you as part of this community and I hope to connect with each and every one of you. So if you’re a new reader, make sure you sign up for the RSS feed or email subscription!

And I encourage you to flood my inbox with emails, comment on posts, share your thoughts and tell your stories. After all, such interaction is exactly what being a global citizen is all about.


(I also want to particularly thank Lisis over at www.QuestForBalance.com for providing the inspiration I needed to define my goals for this site. Several of her ridiculously amazing posts played a huge role in making this possible. So thank you Lisis for all of your support!)