Socotra Island Tour

A little over a month ago, I mentioned my desire to organize a Wander Across Socotra Island Tour as part of my Wandering Earl Tours project. I had recently returned from my trip to Yemen at the time and my experiences on Socotra, that remote Yemeni island in the Indian Ocean, were so incredibly memorable and unlike anything I had ever experienced before, that I just had to put together a tour.

And from that single mention of the idea on the blog a month ago, I ended up with over twenty people on the ‘early list’. The ‘early list’ is what I use to gather the names of those who are interested in the tours I am planning before I have finalized all of the details. Once the details are finalized, I then email everyone on that ‘early list’ and give them a chance to confirm a spot on the tour before I formally announce the trip on the blog.

Well, the details are now finalized for this Wander Across Socotra Island Tour, and after contacting everyone on the ‘early list’ over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had twelve people already confirm their spots. And while twelve people is more than I normally prefer for my tours (usually the maximum is ten people), this tour is a little different.

With the way things work on Socotra Island, it will be quite enjoyable to have a larger group this time around. To be honest, I think everyone will love sharing our experiences together as we camp out under the stars, hike through the mountains, explore some very cool caves, wander around some of the most idyllic beaches you’ve ever seen, swim in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and on and on and on.

This trip is really going to be more than just a tour. It’s also going to be a gathering of like-minded travelers who truly want to experience something unique. (Check out the Socotra video I made in order to get an idea of what this island is all about!)

So, for anyone interested in joining this group and exploring one of the most unbelievably bizarre, exotic and simply awe-inspiring destinations on the planet, here’s the details…

Wander Across Socotra Island

Dates: January 8th – 18th, 2014
Tour Cost: $1900 USD per person
Includes: Flight – Sana’a to/from Socotra Island, all accommodation, all meals on Socotra Island, all transportation, visa fees, visa preparation service, all permits and entrance fees to protected areas on Socotra

For a detailed itinerary and more information, just follow this link:
Wander Across Soctora Island – 2014

Once you’ve had a read, if you have any questions or you wish to book a spot on the Wander Across Socotra Island Tour, just send me an email and I’ll respond right away!

*In addition to the Socotra tour, I’ll also offer another Wander Across India Tour in March of 2014. And I will be adding tours to Iraqi Kurdistan, Mexico and hopefully Southeast Asia as well, all of which I will announce soon.

If you want to be placed on the ‘early list’ for India or any of these other trips, let me know and I’ll go ahead add your name.

Have a great weekend!