Wandering Earl Tours 2017 - small group tours
Since 2012, I’ve been running my Wandering Earl Tours as a side project through this blog, offering unique, small group tours to countries around the world. I’ve now welcomed 190 people on a variety of trips to all corners of the globe.

This is not some big tour company of course. I don’t make contracts with tourist hotels, I don’t pre-plan every single aspect and I don’t create rushed itineraries that only allow you to take a couple of photos before being forced to move on.

It’s just a small operation, with a focus on laid-back travel, learning through first-hand experiences and diving into a country beyond the main sights. It’s also about having a blast together, meeting people, eating great food and having free time to experience each destination in your own way…and of course, keeping it at a reasonable price.

That’s the concept of Wandering Earl Tours.

And now that I’ve had many people join 2, 3, 4 and even 5 trips so far (along with the fact that I already have bookings for 2017 before I even announced the trips), I believe more and more in this concept each year.

So, for those who are looking for this kind of a travel experience, I am extremely excited to announce…

Wandering Earl Tours for 2017

India: Feb 1st – 9th
India: Feb 12th – 27th
Myanmar: March 18th – 30th
Thailand & Cambodia: April 16th – 30th
Morocco: May 1st – 13th
Mexico: May 24th – 31st
Kyrgyzstan: June 1st – 15th
Romania: July 1st – 14th
Vietnam: July 17th – 31st
India: November 1st – 16th

More details can be found – and bookings can be made – over on my tours website:


As always, I will be absolutely honored to welcome you on one of these trips…in the meantime, I wish you a beautiful day wherever you may be!

Scenery near Jalalabad, Kyrgyzstan


Wander Across Romania