VIDEO: “Surfing Without Lessons”

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My good friend Ben and I have now been surfing for exactly one week down here in Sayulita, Mexico.

We’ve definitely noticed some improvement, but we’re still spending 90% of every session drinking mouthfuls of salt water, violently crashing into other people and wiping out in ways that few people have ever seen before.

So in order to show you exactly what we go through out there on the waves every day, I put together this short video titled “Surfing Without Lessons”.

It’s a quick glimpse at everything you’re not supposed to do while surfing. But I’m not about to give up…I’ll become a cool surfer dude one of these days!


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  9. Thats about what I felt like, too, albeit I only put in 4 hours in the water. I can relate most to the part where you put your head down on the board and just want to take a nap.

    And for some reason, my throat burned for 48 hours afterwards. Did you get that, too?

    Keep up the hard work.

    From Vietnam with Love,

  10. That video rocks!!! you guys are well on your way. And Ben you are almost stuck that one legged surf move. haha nah keep it up.

  11. Not to ruin the moment for anyone that watches this, but I’d just like to state that all of my crashes were solely to provide footage for this video.

    Under normal circumstances I’d never wipeout surfing. In fact, I went out for 2 hours today and didn’t even get wet.


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