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[This post is written in partnership with Trover after using the app and continuing to find it truly useful and worth spreading the word about. I don’t do these kind of posts often – only when I really believe in something and always with opinions and thoughts that are 100% my own.]

You walk by a cafe in your hometown, or perhaps a local bookshop, or maybe there’s a small, but beautiful, beach that offers a perfect sunset view. You smile widely when you think of these places, knowing that they are exactly what makes your town as attractive, as fun, as unique as it is.

They’re the kind of places you tell your friends to visit whenever they are in town. They’re also the kind of places that few people would ever find if you didn’t tell others about them yourself.

Now picture this…

You walk outside your hostel or hotel in a foreign city, let’s say Istanbul. You wish that somebody would give you some guidance, would help you find those out of the way experiences that most travelers wouldn’t know about. You want somebody to point out those same kind of unique and special places that you would point out to them back in your hometown.

Where are the hidden art galleries? How about a simple restaurant where unbelievably mouth-watering fare can be enjoyed at real local prices? What about a neighborhood where few foreigners ever go or a sight that has yet to make it into all of the guidebooks?

Spend five minutes on Trover and you’ll have your answers.

Trover is an app that I’ve written about before. And what I said the first time, which still holds true, is that I don’t use many travel apps at all, but Trover did manage to catch my attention. This is because it allows me, in a matter of seconds, to discover something new to see or do or eat, something that I otherwise would never have known about, anywhere I happen to be in the world.

It goes a little something like this…

I need travel ideas. I check out Trover. I’m off to something new.

It’s like an on-the-go, random travel experience generator. And as a result, I think it’s an excellent tool.

As an example, by using Trover, I recently ended up discovering…

Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi, India

Apoxee Trail in Florida

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Cremeria Sette Chiese Gelateria in Bologna, Italy

And I’ll use it when I’m in Spain next week as well. Looks like I need to pay a visit to this little cove

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Try Out Trover

Need something to do right now? Whether you’re traveling or not, give it a try and see what you find…

1. Open the app or website
2. Let it find, or type in, your location
3. Choose a category on the left (Food, Entertainment, Outdoor)
4. Enjoy the discoveries that appear!

You can also search through “Lists” such as “New Zealand Wonders” or “Ideal People Watching Locations”…there are literally thousands of lists out there focusing on all sorts of travel-related themes.

You could even type in an “Interest” in the search bar and it will find places or activities that match that interest right in your current area. Or just click on “Explore” and check out all of the categories available, most of which, when explored, will undoubtedly keep you on Trover for a few more hours than you were probably planning on.

The travel ideas are endless.

I’ll do one right now…

As I’m still in Istanbul, I just typed in “Istanbul”. The first discovery that jumped out at me is “Balat – Istanbul, Turkey”.

Never heard of it. I’ll absolutely be going there in the next couple of days though. Too easy.

And whether you use it to actually help you plan an entire trip or, like I’m using it right now, to discover, as I travel, random places and experiences that I have no idea even exist until a photo of it pops up on my Trover app, I really do think you’ll find this app to be quite useful and enjoyable to use.

And of course, you can also share all of the places you find during your travels, or even in your hometown, with others on Trover so that they may discover these gems as well. Travelers helping travelers!

(Trover is available on both iPhone and Android of course.)

Other Cool Things About Trover

Monthly Scholarships
Every month, Trover gives away a $500 “travel scholarship” to the Trover user who shows the best engagement in the community. They monitor all the usage and if you happen to be the winner, you don’t have to do anything but accept the $500.

Trover is holding simple contests all the time where all you need to do is upload a photo based on a particular category. In fact, one reader of this site won a Trover contest a couple of months ago, pocketing $1500 just for uploading his photo. It’s always a good idea to check out the contest page to see what kind of things are going on.

Do let me know if you give Trover a try and how it goes for you! And for those of you who are already using it, any tips to share on how to maximize the experience?