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WANTED: People interested in traveling all over the world while watching their bank account grow every month!

If you want to take advantage of such a life-changing opportunity, you owe it to yourself to consider working on cruise ships. I can honestly say that working on ships changed my life in incredible ways, most importantly giving me the freedom to live on my own terms.


Get started today! Step-by-step instructions on how to apply to every major cruise line plus insider advice to guide you through the entire process are only a couple of clicks away.


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“I thought I’d update you about my cruise interviews. I had three interviews just a couple weeks after applying and I was offered all three jobs! I went with Carnival Cruise Lines in the end and I can’t wait to begin. Just want to say a big thank you, the guide was really helpful, as were your emails.”

Xander McGrouther, USA

“I always say that working on ships as an Entertainment Host was the ultimate job. Who else would pay me to hang out with passengers all day, travel the world and meet amazing people? BEST EXPERIENCE EVER… and I was able to pay off all my debt in a couple of contracts and then purchase my first home!”

Leah Bolton, Vancouver, Canada


Once you walk up the gangway of your first ship, your life will never be the same.

Why? Your life will instantly involve…

  • WORLD TRAVEL – Explore all kinds of destinations (yes, almost every position offers a good amount of free time off the ship), from Alaska to the Caribbean, Europe to South America, the South Pacific to Southeast Asia.

  • MONEY! – Earn up to $6000+ USD per month, depending on position. And with very few expenses (room and meals are provided) it’s possible to save $6,000 – $20,000+ in a few short months!

  • AMAZING SOCIAL LIFE – Live the good life with access to crew bars, crew lounges, internet cafes, hot tubs, swimming pools, a crew gym, crew-only sunbathing decks, crew parties and other events.

  • SPECIAL PRIVILEGES – Spend your evenings socializing in passenger bars, and lounges, receive discounted tours in each port, attend the theater performances, dine in passenger restaurants…it’s all possible. Many positions offer these extra benefits.

  • INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIPS – Build friendships with crew members from dozens of countries around the world, and when you’re on vacation, you’ll have plenty of money to visit your new friends overseas!

  • LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITIES – Network with crew members, local residents in every port of call and thousands of passengers and you’ll discover opportunities you simply never imagined. (Through networking on ships, I’ve been offered jobs in Greece and Costa Rica and a business partnership on the stunning Caribbean island of St. Kitts.)

  • 2-4 MONTHS OF VACATION – Enjoy up to 4 months of vacation per year, which you can spend anywhere in the world you wish. You’ll actually work less and save more money than if you were working on land!


Applying for a cruise ship job is not the same as applying for a job on land. The rules are different, the process can be complicated and without any guidance, it’s nearly impossible to do on your own. Without knowing how to navigate the specific steps involved, cruise lines will often never even notice your application. In fact, you’ll have trouble simply trying to get an application in the first place.


When you purchase this guide, you’ll have instant access to…

Job descriptions
and salaries

Choose your perfect job from over 60 ship positions, many of which you probably never even knew existed.

Cruise line
comparison tool

Learn which cruise line will be the best match for you by comparing the crew environment that each one offers.

Apply in

Learn which cruise line will be the best match for you by comparing the crew environment that each one offers.

Successful sample
resumes / CVs

Discover the only resume/CV formats that immediately grab the attention of every cruise line. (Hint: Your current resume is not in the proper format.)

interview advice

Know exactly what to expect, what to say and what NOT to say so that you stand above all the other applicants and maximize your chances of getting hired.

Ship life

Uncover the answers to every question you could possibly ask. You’ll walk up the gangway of your first ship with the confidence of an experienced crew member.

With over 170 pages of straight-to-the-point material, you won’t have to waste hours and days of your time on useless research.

You’ll have everything you need to apply for every position with every major cruise line and to have the absolute best chance possible of getting hired.


“I went for an interview last Tuesday in Vancouver and the next day I heard back that Cunard Cruise Lines wanted to talk with me. Four hours after my chat with Cunard, they offered me a position on the Queen Victoria as an International Host. I will board the ship in six days! Once again, thank you for everything!”
– Jan Kerekes, Vancouver, Canada

“I would like to personally thank Earl for helping me to acquire a cruise ship job. I followed his guide precisely and in less than two weeks I have landed a job on board a major cruise line! I’m headed to Alaska and I’m so excited to begin this journey. To those of you who want to work on board a cruise ship, GET THE GUIDE!!! It helped me tremendously and I know it will help you!”
– Santana Mackline, USA

“Thank you for a great guide! I had to laugh because you wrote ‘right when you least expect it, you’ll receive an email informing you that you have been selected for an interview.’ That’s exactly what happened! They offered me the job on the spot and said I looked very good on paper (thanks to you!). So instead of freezing over the holidays, I’ll be working on Holland America Line visiting Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala.”
– Katie Hart, North Carolina, USA

The cost of this detailed, 175-page guide is only:

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(May 2024 Edition)

That’s all you’ll ever need to spend in order to land a cruise ship job that will allow you to save $2000, $3000 or even as much as $5000 per month.

When that first pay check comes in, I guarantee you’ll consider this one of the best investments you’ve made!



PDF – Instant download!

  • Works for EVERYONE – The information in this guide works for EVERYONE, no matter what country you live in. Cruise lines hire people of all nationalities and the only standard requirement is that you are at least 21 years of age and not a convicted felon.

  • Instant Access – As soon as your order is placed, you’ll immediately receive your guide via email so that you’ll have instant access to all of the material. (Your guide is in Adobe PDF format.)

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  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t believe the information you receive will help you find a rewarding job on board a cruise ship, you have 60 days to ask for a refund. Just send me a quick email and I’ll refund the amount without any questions asked.


Once you order your guide, you’ll be able to contact me directly with any questions you may have along the way. You’ll find my direct email address on the last page of the guide and I encourage you to use it. I’ll always do my very best to help get you working on board a cruise ship as quickly as possible.

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