Gulet Cruise - Croatian islands

Trends change, evolve, disappear and then reaper again. They evolve every season, making it necessary to stay informed so that you can find fresh inspiration for your next vacation. Here are 6 of the top vacation trends in the Mediterranean that are becoming more and more popular at the moment, trends that will make you want to pack your bags right now and take off to a new destination.

1. Wine trips and wine tours
Travelers are looking to explore more of the culture and tradition that hides away in gorgeous countries like Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, etc. Travelers are now designing their entire holidays around wine tours and stunning vineyards of which there is no shortage in many of these destinations. Once you taste local wine in the Mediterranean for the first time, the range of wines that you’ll crave will instantly increase. And since the people of the Mediterranean are in general very hospitable and friendly, proud of everything they make, you’ll have no trouble connecting with locals as you dive into their wine-making industry. Good wine and good company is what it’s all about.

2. Sailing around Croatian islands
Croatia is a country that has to be mentioned as its popularity grows each year. Croatia has a long coastline and well over 1200 gorgeous islands that are pure coastal paradise. Needless to say, visiting this country without visiting her islands would be a real shame. Another big trend here is island hopping with yachts. You can easily take a beautiful gulet cruise in Croatia because the distances between islands, especially in the Central Adriatic, are very short (around 1 to 2 hours by boat). This allows you to see many islands in a small amount of time. Each one is different and has its own unique traditions, culture and history. Numerous islands have National Parks and are protected by UNESCO. A few of those to consider visiting are Mljet, Hvar, Brač, Korčula and Vis.

Gulet Cruise - Croatia

3. Adventure holidays
Traveling today is no longer focused on general sightseeing and must see places. Active holidays are now on the rise. Most people seeking adventure want to enjoy travel experiences that provide plenty of adrenaline, action and accomplishment. Mediterranean countries, apart from their seemingly eternal sunshine, do indeed offer various water-sports such as kayaking, as well as opportunities for hiking, zip-lining, mountain climbing and more. There’s plenty of outdoor activity no matter what your interests or age.

4. Solo travel & family travel
Solo travel has become a leading trend these days, as more and more people prefer to take off on their own instead of trying to organize their friends to take a trip together. As travelers become more independent and fearless in their search for authentic destinations and experiences, they fully enjoy the benefits of doing whatever they want, whenever they want and of not having to plan around the needs of a larger group.

Italy is a great place to explore on your own, with perhaps even a stay on charming Sicily. Or maybe head to France for endless choices of great places to have a glass of wine and pastries. Of course, all Mediterranean countries are worth exploring in their own way and most of them offer a stress-free experience, even if you’re on your own.

Besides solo travel, family travel is also growing in popularity. Destinations like Italy and Turkey are very family-friendly countries, with no shortage of activities designed specifically for a family holiday. And when you consider the lower prices in Turkey, your trip can be an incredible value.

5. Search for authentic culinary delights
The trend of Instagram-worthy dishes and going to ultra-luxury restaurants just to show off seems to be fading. In its place is the idea of culinary tourism. This revolves around authentic food experiences based on local quality ingredients. It provides an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of a destination while also enjoying the best and most local food they have to offer. Now you can eat dishes straight from the verbal recipe books passed down by generations. This idea of traditional home-cooked food (the real deal) at affordable prices is popping up in restaurants all over the Mediterranean. There are even food tour apps that allow you to take a self-guided tour of local eateries. And there are tour companies that invite you to join your guide at the local market, learn about the ingredients and then help cook a meal, which you share together with your hosts. For food lovers, it doesn’t get better than that!

6. Small towns and hidden gems
As mass tourism continues to spread, there will always be that group of tourists that look for more unconventional routes. They decide to avoid largely populated cities and tourist traps in search of hidden gems and other rewarding destinations that have not yet been so recognized. As residents in some of the most visited cities on the planet, such as Venice and Barcelona, start to call for the reduction of tourism due to the negative effects it’s had on locals and local prices, many tourists are more than happy to expand their travels to lesser known locations. Instead of the main squares packed with tour groups, they seek the quiet places, even if there isn’t a major sight to see. The relaxed experience and the ability to get in touch with local life is all they need for a successful trip.