Baalbek, Lebanon

A Different Glimpse Of Lebanon

Derek Lebanon 32 Comments

In between the moments of extreme confusion that I dealt with during my visit to Lebanon, I managed to discover a handful of places that will forever stick out in my mind for one reason or another. And so I wanted to share these places with you so that you have a broader idea of what a traveler may expect …

Monsoon Rains in India

How To Turn Severe Weather Into A Travel Memory

Derek India, Interesting People 17 Comments

First of all, let me reintroduce myself. Here I am. Wandering Earl. Let me repeat, “Wandering Earl”. It appears that more than a few people have been quite confused about my identity over this past week, often mistaking me for someone completely different. I’m not mad or anything. And even though some of you have berated me via email or …

Proof of Onward Travel – a Story and a Solution

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You’ve just spent two months traveling around Australia and now you’re about to spend another two months in Southeast Asia. And while you enjoyed every single minute of your stay in Oz, you’re ready to explore the intriguing cultures of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. You arrive at Melbourne’s International airport 2 hours prior to your direct flight to Kuala Lumpur …