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There’s no doubt that Dubai is a great holiday destination in its own right, with plenty of dazzling malls and fun attractions in the form of theme parks and water parks to keep you busy for a week or longer. But if yours is an inquisitive mind with a thirst for change and new encounters, then Dubai is also the ideal base to propel you further in the world.

In this post I’ll shed some light into why Dubai is an ideal twin-centre or stopover destination to connect you with more of the world – the perfect catapult to get you further in your quest of discovery. Read more to find out how you can link up a Dubai break with some of the globe’s most exotic corners.

A Middle Eastern jewel, perfectly connected
On its own Dubai is impressive enough, no doubt about that, with its grand malls, its interesting old town, its scenic Deira creek (which you can traverse onboard a traditional abra for only 1 dirham – less than 20 pence or a little more than a quarter in US dollars), bustling souks and long lines of dazzling resorts flanking the glistening emerald waters of Jumeirah Beach. With reliably sunny weather all-year-around Dubai is a fantastic destination for a pampering and relaxing break or for active fun if you pay a visit to the theme parks and water parks. It’s also a city that never stops building so more and more attractions open up each day. With the great selection of bars and restaurants to be wined and dined at you won’t be short of nightlife options either.

The best part is that if you want a change of scenery, Dubai is exceptionally well connected not just to fascinating Asian and South-East Asian destinations like Thailand, India or Malaysia, but to the whole world. With Emirates flying to over 150 destinations in six continents from Dubai, you’ll certainly won’t be limited for options.

Dubai can propel you in all directions, the struggle might be deciding where to land among so many possible options. I´ll now proceed to make that job a little bit easier for you and list some of the most popular and enriching twinning possibilities.

Beach hop to Asian delights
From mall to beach, back to mall and then to beach again? If you´re a die-hard beach bum who wants to experience as many sun-kissed, powdery soft sands as possible in the dreamiest of settings, then you could easily combine a short break in Dubai (be it by the beach or in the popular downtown area) with the postcard-perfect beaches of Mauritius, Seychelles or Sri Lanka. This trio of dreamy destinations in the Indian Ocean each has a wealth of secluded beach coves set against lush, dramatic backdrops and with flight times between Dubai and this raw, natural beauties ranging between four and six hours, you won´t waste too much of your precious holiday time flying. Not bad for experiencing a completely different landscape, in a completely different continent, right?

Twin-centre holidays combining Dubai and Mauritius are extremely popular, not only because they´re two completely different countries with entirely different scenery, but because both offer the highest level of luxury pampering. Equally, combining Dubai with Seychelles is yet another indulging option, even more escapist than the former given the size an intimacy of the Seychelles islands.

Lastly, making the hop from Dubai to Sri Lanka offers you the chance of not only basking in glorious beaches but also discovering Sri Lanka’s rich culture, history and natural reserves. If you want your downtime on the beach to be followed by a little sightseeing admiring ancient temples, beautiful ruins or stunning national parks with thriving wildlife (there’s more than six to choose from), Sri Lanka won’t disappoint.

Colouring it up – exoticism up a notch
If you want your Dubai holiday combination to be a touch more colourful and exotic, the idea of combining Dubai with Thailand or India is another possibility, easy to arrange and yielding wonderful travel memories to forever cherish.

With India’s capital of New Delhi being only a little over three hours’ distance from Dubai, you will hardly feel the journey from one destination to the next, yet you’ll instantly be bombarded with different sounds, colours and smells – a treat for the senses!

Multi-centre trips linking Dubai with India can be enriching in more ways than one, you could opt to stay in the Indian capital and do some sightseeing on your own or you could book a full Indian tour to compliment your Dubai break and get a fuller taste of this fascinating land of contrasts and colours.

Thailand, on the other hand is a breath of fresh air with some of the world’s most dramatically stunning and perfectly isolated beaches (let’s not forget The Beach movie was filmed here for a reason) and with a vibrant, energetic and colourful urban landscapes that’s also stands in stark contrast against Dubai’s immaculate sky-scraping wonders and ultra-modern layout.

Venturing into the wild
For more serious and adventurous action that appeals to the wild at heart or those who simply adore wildlife and raw animal encounters, Dubai can also be easily combined with South Africa and a visit to any of its natural reserves.

Making it to the Kruger National Park has to be one of the high points of any traveller’s bucket list, bringing to life the once-in-a-lifetime possibility of getting close to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures, otherwise known as Africa’s Big Five (rhinos, buffaloes, lions, elephants and leopards). But these wild beauties can also be observed at a number of other private reserves that include full accommodation with exclusive perks.

Just think that after enjoying some leisure time amidst the glitz and glamour of Dubai you could rough it up with a South African safari. And by roughing it up I mean indulging in the most amazing views every morning from your luxurious tent, pitched up right in the midst of it all, or base yourself in a stately villa inside a reserve. There’s just so many possibilities and ways in which Dubai and South Africa can be perfectly paired up for the most unforgettable adventures.

A world of options
Whether making the hop to Bangkok for some street market bartering, heading to Seychelles for the ultimate escapism indulgence or exchanging glamorous hotels for the African wilderness, Dubai opens up a world of multi-centre holiday possibilities. A short or long layover in Dubai may be all the wind you need in your wings before setting off to other far-flung destinations. Make the most of it and explore your twin-centre Dubai options to see and experience more of the world.


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  1. This was a strange post. Scans like it was written by the Dubai authorities 🙂

    I hated Dubai the two times I was there (for work). Found it really sterile and artificial. Didn’t speak to a single local (just tourists and guest workers), didn’t really feel any local culture. It’s impressive what they have achieved in terms of putting it up (everything is new, from the buildings to the public transport) but decided not to take my family there (we had been considering a visit, given how popular it seems to be with UK families).

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