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During my travels, I sometimes decide to sit down and create additional pages on this site, pages that offer useful travel information that I do not write about in my actual posts. These pages may include detailed travel advice and tips, accommodation reviews, travel stories, cafe and restaurant recommendations, announcements and more.

Below you’ll find the entire, always up-to-date list of these extra pages and since it’s an ever growing list, be sure to check back often!


I’ve recently partnered with my favorite airfare search engine, JetRadar, a website that has consistently offered the lowest airfares to the destinations I’ve visited around the world. It also uses a unique new technology that finds “Magic Fares” that are significantly lower than what you’ll find with any other airfare search engine.

List of Countries Visited

Countries Visited

Hotel & Hostel Reviews

Dream Hostel (Tampere, Finland)
Erottajanpuisto Hostel (Helsinki, Finland)
Bengtskar Lighthouse (Rosala, Finland)
Hotel B8 (Hanko, Finland)
Laivahostel Borea (Turku, Finland)
City Hotel Portus (Tallinn, Estonia)
Sari Konak Hotel (Istanbul, Turkey)
Erboy Hotel (Istanbul, Turkey)
Theranda Hotel (Tirana, Albania)

Cafes & Restaurants

Alan’s Cafe (Hanko, Finland)
Pasazade Restaurant (Istanbul, Turkey)


Hiking Travel – kayak and canoe tours (Tampere, Finland)
EAT Tampere – bike and walking tours (Tampere, Finland)

General Travel Information

Introduction to Istanbul
Introduction to Ljubljana
Introduction to South Africa
Getting from Bucharest to Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Travel Tips

How to Choose the Right Luggage
How to Exchange Money
How to Find Cheap Accommodation
How to Find Cheap Airfare
How to Find Cheap Cruise Fares
Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Create Your Own Life of Travel

Getting Started
Life a Life of Travel Resources
How to Find Work On Board Cruise Ships (eGuide)
How to Live a Life of Travel (eGuide)

Travel Stories

American Allergy
The Taliban vs Andre the Giant
The Dirtiest Place in India
Riot in the Theater

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Again, be sure to check back as I’m always adding more pages of useful travel information as I continue to wander around the world!

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