Help Wanted at Wandering Earl

I’m Looking To Hire A “Nomadic Affairs Assistant”

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Help Wanted at Wandering Earl

Due to the increasingly heavy workload I’m facing as a result of the growing number of new projects I’m working on, I’ve decided to hire some help in the form of a “Nomadic Affairs Assistant” (aka Project Assistant).

And as my goal is to find someone who is already familiar with my blog, what better way to advertise the position than right here on the blog itself?

First, I do want to mention that hiring a Project Assistant won’t change anything around here. I’m not looking for someone to write my posts or to handle my social media or to answer my personal emails. Those aspects of this blog will always remain 100% my responsibility.

What I am looking for is someone with

  • previous or current experience in PR/Marketing (or currently studying)
  • strong writing skills (for business emails, not posts)
  • excellent research and organizational skills
  • positive outlook and ability to connect well with others
  • some travel experience
  • ability to train elephants

In order to help me

  • explore the feasibility of new project ideas & help get them started
  • contact various people/organizations about possible collaboration
  • with random admin tasks that might arise from time to time
  • train elephants

In exchange for the above work, which I expect to take 2-3 hours per week, I’m offering $125 USD per month. Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to earn good bonuses (as in more money), especially for someone with strong networking skills.

If you might be interested, even if you’ve never trained an elephant, just send me an email explaining why you’d make a good candidate. I’ll then forward you more details, I’ll answer any questions you may have and we’ll go from there.

(If I don’t reply right away, it’s because I’m going to Slovakia this weekend and won’t be online much, but I’ll definitely reply to all emails as soon as I can.)

And I hope to choose someone for this position within the next couple of weeks.

Until then, I look forward to receiving your emails and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



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Comments 26

  1. Hi Earl! I can’t find your email 🙁 I think you may be able to really help me set up my life but I’d like to ask you in a way we can communicate better, what is it?
    Thank you, have a great day!

  2. If only I had seen this before, I’d counter-offer at $100! I have great PR skills, as it were – I work at a truck stop. Now, you might not think this qualifies – so I’d encourage you to come work with us for a few months. You learn more in people skills in a month at a truck stop than you do in 12 years of basid ed.

    As for travel experience, I have been to Canada, China, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.

    I don’t know about elephant training skills, but we have a cat that is of positively elephantine proportions!

    1. Hey Chris – Thanks for the comment. I’m not looking for anyone else right now but when I do need some assistance, I always come back to this post.

  3. It’s very funny because I am doing this job for a famous french traveler bloger.
    I am helping him for every tasks you wrote but it’s a full part job (35h / week).

    Now, thanks to this job, I can travel all around the world 🙂

    1. Hey Vi – I did find an assistant in the end but if the elephant training doesn’t work out, I now know who to contact 🙂

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  5. I sympathize with you on the desire to train elephants! Not too long ago I’m pretty sure I confessed my desire to train elephants via your Facebook post about what we would do if we had a month to go anywhere and do anything. Good luck with the assistant search!

    1. Hey Grace – Ha…I do remember that Facebook post of yours. Hopefully it will happen for you and then you can teach me to do the same!

  6. Funny you should post this today, I was thinking of doing something very similar tomorrow on Facebook. I’ll be interested to hear how the hunt goes, good luck!

    1. Hey Anil – So far it’s gone quite well. In just a few hours I’ve received over 35 ‘applications’. It will take me a few days to sort through it all now!

  7. While I do have elephant experience (no really, I do) I don’t have much in the way of marketing (yet). Hoping to get into it then be able to work on things like this. Sounds like a cool opportunity!

    1. Hey Brittany – Hmmm…I wasn’t expecting anyone to really have elephant experience 🙂 That certainly sounds a lot better than marketing experience to me.

      1. Hey Rich – You’re right I’m sure…I haven’t gone through the emails yet but I’m looking forward to it.

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