A couple of days ago, I had a little more time than normal to sit down and go through the dozens of blogs that I follow either through RSS or email. And it was perhaps one of the most rewarding blog reading sessions I’ve had in a while, as with the extra time on my hands, I was able to fully digest and enjoy so many posts that I came across.

Naturally, I wanted to share a few of the great posts that I found with you and that’s what I’ve aimed to do below. My original list included nineteen posts and in order to cut that list down, I just decided to pick seven of those at random. So if you have a blog and you wrote a wonderful post this week which I failed to mention here, my apologies! Feel free to leave a comment below so that I’ll know who you are and I’ll then head over to your site and have a read.

Blog: A Little Adrift
Post: A Little Questionable…Yep, A Guatemalan Drug Bust

Shannon’s eye-opening story reminds us of why it may be a good idea to carry around our passports (or at least a photocopy) instead of leaving them inside our hotel/hostel rooms when we travel. As you’ll see, Shannon was lucky enough not to end up in jail, but there were plenty of other travelers in San Pedro, Guatemala who weren’t so fortunate.

Blog: The Longest Way Home
Post: Food From The Phillipines: Rambutan

What a moment when I discovered a post about one of my favorite fruits on the planet, one that I miss dearly whenever I’m not in Asia. And so I just had to share this post as I’m curious if anyone else has ever tried, and become addicted to, wonderful rambutan!

Blog: Suzy Guese
Post: Embracing Tourist Season

Instead of trying to avoid the crowds associated with high tourist seasons, why not approach these busy times of year with a different perspective? Suzy offers some convincing reasons as to why traveling among the throngs of other tourists may not be such a terrible idea after all.

Blog: Todd’s Wanderings
Post: “Real” Life, Travel & Work: Lessons From 10 Years On The Road

If you’ve ever had difficulty dealing with the notion of breaking free from society’s expectations of you, this post will give you an extra nudge in the right direction. Todd share’s his thoughts on the ‘real world’ and why settling down is not the only option, all while explaining how he made the realization one day that he was already living the life he wanted most.

Blog: Uncornered Market
Post: Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

As you might guess by the title, Audrey and Dan discuss the importance of living outside your comfort zone, while offering some well-tested advice on how to do just that. And considering that they have now been traveling for 1296 days, these two have been out of their comfort zone more than most…or have they?

Blog: Twenty-Something Travel
Post: Twenty-Something Travel Goes Round the World: FAQ

In just a few months, Stephanie will be taking off on a one year (or more!) round-the-world adventure. And now she’s answered all of the questions she’s been asked by those who might not understand why she’s leaving her current life behind. Such questions include, “Are you going alone?” and the more direct, “WHAT are you doing, you crazy girl?”

Blog: Sending Postcards
Post: Car Accident In Cairo

This photo post (with captions) is simply hilarious and had me laughing out loud for quite a while. And if you’ve ever witnessed a similar accident during your travels, I’m sure your reaction to these photos will be the same as mine.

Happy Thursday everyone! And for those of you out there on the road, safe travels!