Kibber, India

Join The Live Travel Chat Tomorrow!

Derek Everything Else, Romania 12 Comments

Kibber, India

Now that the below live travel chat has finished, you can still check out the entire conversation over at It was an excellent chat session, with many interesting travel-related questions and answers submitted by many readers and visitors. If you’re looking for some useful ideas as to how you can travel long-term as well, be sure to check it out (the conversation is in the comments section of the link above).

And thank you to everyone who participated!

This is a little bit on the last-minute side of things but I wanted to let you all know about, and to invite you all to, an interesting live travel chat that is taking place tomorrow. Anil from hosts a monthly live chat where anyone and everyone is invited to ask questions and participate in the discussion that will take place in the comments section on his site.

And this month, Anil asked if I wanted to be his guest! So, the general topic of the travel chat will be “From Cruise Ships to Kabul” and we’ll talk about long-term travel, my trips to Afghanistan and other places, working on board cruise ships and anything else you want to talk about. We will both be sitting in our favorite cafe here in Bucharest, Romania, ready to interact with all of you.

Below I’ve provided the direct link to the chat (the link won’t work until the chat actually starts), so just click on that link tomorrow and you’ll be directed straight to the chat that is taking place. Then, all you need to do to join in the good times is to leave a comment and we shall respond in live time. And of course, the more people participating, the better!

So I hope you’ll be able to pop over and at least say hello tomorrow. Both Anil and I really believe that the most rewarding part of having our blogs is the interaction we are able to have with our readers and this is exactly why I’m quite excited about being a part of this chat idea.

On that note, I hope to chat with you all tomorrow! And here are all the details:

Tuesday, January 3rd
11am – 2pm (GMT)
1pm – 4pm (Bucharest time)
6am – 9am (New York)
9pm – 12am (Sydney)

Direct link to the chat: Live Travel Chat (the link won’t work until the chat begins tomorrow)

(Oh, and the photo above is me with the afro I mentioned in the last post.)


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Comments 12

    1. Hey Dayna – I’m heading out of the city until the 9th but any time after that I’ll be there! Let me know if it will work out with your plans!

  1. I’d love to sit in and listen, but unfortunately I won’t be up that early (New York time) 🙁 Will there be any way I could get an archived version later?

    1. Hey Jonbar – Yes, I believe that the post and all of the comments (the chat takes place in the comments section) will be available to read just like any other post once it is published on a site. So you’ll definitely be able to have a read at a more reasonable time 🙂

      1. thank god!! i was upset i had to miss this, since i’m planning on trying out the cruise ship method of working and traveling – i even tried to get someone to cover my shift haha. i’ll be keeping an eye out for this then – will you post it on your site too, or should i keep checking foxnomad?

        1. Hey Ashley – Even though the chat is now over, you can still read the entire conversation over in the comments section here: Travel Chat

          And if you have any questions that weren’t answered, just let me know and I’d be more than happy to help out!

  2. Earl, you’re doing exactly what I suggested earlier today in my second response to your last post! We’re walking the same path.

    My only suggestion would be that in the future doing this same thing, rotate the time a few hours so your fellow Americans can chat with you guys in a more civil hour. I wonder how many West Coast followers will be up at 3:00 am to chip in their two bits worth. I know, there are 24 time zones in this world and you can’t please everyone.

    Good going. I hope there will be more of these events in the future!

    1. Hey Steve – I haven’t even read your other comment yet so that is interesting if you suggested the same thing! But I’m just a guest blogger for this chat as Anil is hosting the whole thing on his site. And the way Anil does it is that he changes the time every month so that a different part of the world is able to participate. And this month, it’s set up to ensure that Europe and Australia and hopefully some on the East Coast are able to log in. But I’m sure this won’t be the last one and I might just roll with the idea myself!

  3. Hey Earl,

    You have an amazing site here my friend and I enjoyed watching your Warrior dance too LOL

    Looking forward for your live chat tomorrow, take care and have a blast! 😉


    1. Thanks Sergio! That dance was not one of my proudest moments but at least I had a good time (I think). Talk to you later on today!

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