This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I was interviewed this week by fellow global citizen, John Bardos, over at, one of the websites that I’ve really connected with over the past few months. The interview can be found right here and I also highly recommend exploring all of the useful, real life information John offers for anyone thinking about traveling or living overseas for an extended period of time. Just have a read through some of the other interviews and you’ll discover exactly how other travelers have managed to turn their travel dreams into reality and lead lives that most people would never imagine to be possible. You just might get some ideas yourself.


For those of you making your way here from, I truly welcome you to the Wandering Earl community! As you might be able to tell after reading a post or two, this isn’t the most typical of travel blogs as I aim to mix travel stories with observations and reflections from not only my current adventures, but from my 10+ years of wandering around the globe.

If you have any questions about anything that you see or just want to say hello and introduce yourself, I definitely encourage you to contact me, as without a doubt, it is the interaction with readers that fuels my passion for this blog.

And a new post is only a day away…so I hope you’ll stick around!