Train from Bucharest to Timisoara

I’m Going On Vacation

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Train from Bucharest to Timisoara
As of this very moment, I’m taking a break. It won’t be a terribly long break, maybe 7 or 10 days at most, but during this period of time I will not be putting any posts up on the site and I’ll be responding to emails at a much slower pace than normal.

This will actually be the first break I’ve really taken since this blog became a major part of my life. Barely a day goes by without me being on the internet, working long hours to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of with this blog. And surely everyone deserves a vacation every now and then, even bloggers, right?

Just a few hours ago I arrived in Belgrade after taking the overnight train (pictured above) from Bucharest to Timisoara, Romania, followed by a delayed shuttle bus ride into Serbia. Tomorrow I shall arrive in Montenegro, where I plan to plop myself down on a beach for a week or so, something I haven’t done in a long time either. I won’t be disappearing, just resting and following my own advice about the need to disconnect from technology as often as we can.

I shall be back to writing two posts per week as normal by around July 12th or July 16th and I do hope you’ll stick around as a reader despite this mini-vacation of mine.

Also, when my vacation does come to an end, I shall be ready to announce the dates, itinerary and all of the details for my upcoming India Tour that I’ll be organizing and leading in November.

I’ve never been as excited about any project I’ve worked on as I am about this one and I truly can’t wait to experience India with all of you who may be interested!

And that’s it for now…time to continue my journey to the beach.

Have a great week!


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Comments 42

  1. Enjoy the break, mate. I find that if I don’t take some time off every now and again it’s quite easy to feel very burnt out. I don’t know how you lasted this long!

  2. Enjoy your vacation! I cannot wait to hear about this India tour you have planned in November. I am actually going to be in India from October to November! If the stars aligned, maybe I will be able to join your tour group for a small bit of time! Excited to hear more about it!

  3. Hope you are enjoying your vacation and disconnecting from tech. Sounds like a much needed break. I am recent follower, and I’m loving your site. Spent a few weeks in India when I was in March. The highlight was seeing tigers in the wild in Bandhavgarh National Park.

  4. Hi Earl! So glad you are getting some much needed time off! Don’t know if you remember me but I wrote you last year asking if a family of 8 could travel for less than $1000 a month. ( Really?!? lol) You were so gracious and fast with your reply and it really inspired me to continue delving into the possibilities. After coming home from a 2 week trip to DC and New York last month, we as a family, decided to GO FOR IT!! Though we aren’t on the road yet, we have already sold over half of what we own and just put our home on the market yesterday! We don’t know where we are going first but we don’t care! While we feel it may be the US in a vintage Wanderlodge to start, we are eager to get overseas as well. I look forward to reading through your blogs again and being inspired along the way! It would be great to follow one of your routes and then blog about how to do it with 6 kids in tow. 🙂

  5. Enjoy your vacation Earl. Did you manage to make time to do a Vipassana course this year? I remember it being one of your goals at the start of the year. Taking a whole month out to do a silent retreat is a big commitment so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t managed to yet. By the way. I hope you are well:)

    1. Hey Matthew – I haven’t done the Vipassana course yet this year but it’s still on the schedule. It looks like I’ll do it after I lead my tour to India in November!

  6. Enjoy your rest and relaxation! You’ve earned it. = )

    The India trip sounds epic. I’m exited to hear about the itinerary.

    Thanks for all the time you put into this amazing site. = )

  7. Everyone needs a vacation at some point. Take a rest, you need it – you’ll be no fun to read if you’re burned out and complainy all the time!

    And don’t you dare respond to this before July 12th.

  8. Hey Earl! Enjoy your vacation, it is well deserved! You put in so many hours on here that we dont seem to recognize, so have fun! and see you in a week or so!

  9. Hey Earl,

    Enjoy your vacation especially “unplugging from the Matrix.”

    Would you mind sharing the title of the book you always have with you? I think the author’s last name starts with a “T” – not really sure.

    Anyways, enjoy the beach!


  10. dear Earl,

    you owe it to yourself to take a break whenever you need it.
    i would love to travel india one day with someone like you. but do you take older ladies?

  11. You deserve it! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    Can’t wait to hear what you have planned for India!

    I’m currently touring around Colombia without speaking any Spanish, not an easy task. Kicking myself for not paying attention in high school!

    Shhhh…no responding, you’re on vacation. 🙂

  12. Smart man. g-knows these blogs – though genuinely beloved – can also be mightY stern task-masters. Taking a breather now and again is no doubt good for everybody – a win-win all around. Upon return, you’ll be more refreshed and your content sparkling with renewed energy (not to mention, your loyal followers will be even more appreciative of your efforts.)

    So do dig those toes into the sand and just ENJOY!

  13. Earl: I don’t have a blog so I don’t know how it works when you take time off, but you have my encouragement to take a *MONTH* off if and when you desire it. I imagine that would keep you fresh, and living the kind of life that is inspiring to the rest of us readers.

    Enjoy, enjoy!

  14. You have absolutely earned it! I enjoy each and every blog post and look forward to your return and the tales you can tell 🙂 But I truly hope you enjoy your time off! I may be part of your India tour at the rate things are picking up here! So exciting!

  15. Have a good break mate,are you going to croatia at all during this visit,went to split when i was still in the Royal Navy and remember it being a nice place to visit.


    1. Hey Brian – I won’t make it to Croatia on this trip but I did visit that country a few years ago and made it to Split. Croatia is a great destination and that coastline is very addicting!

  16. You deserve a break! I just took a week off of work for no reason except I really just needed time away. Enjoy your time on the beach. Relax, sit in the sun (and don’t burn!!)

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