Travel To South Africa - Durban, South Africa

As usual, my next set of travel plans have all come together at the last minute. Actually, in this case, it didn’t come together at the last minute, but at the very last minute. I will travel to South Africa on Saturday.

Let me just recap the past couple of weeks. After my Eurail trip came to an end, I traveled to Istanbul in order to meet up with some friends for about ten days. I then flew for 22 hours in order to get back to the US just in time for Thanksgiving. I arrived the night before (November 23rd), spent the holiday with my family and then immediately began working on my future travel plans.

And now, I’m flying out to South Africa on Saturday, this Saturday, in two days time.

While these South Africa plans have been in the works for a couple of months now, I was not able to fully confirm my schedule until yesterday due to some other projects that I’m currently working on. But now it’s a go and lions I shall hopefully see.

So, what’s this South African trip all about?

I feel remarkably fortunate to have this opportunity because my trip is actually organized by the South African Tourism Board. Along with several other bloggers – Jessica Spiegel (@bootsnall), Rachelle Lucas (@travelblggr), JD Andrews (@earthxplorer) & Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond) – I’ve been invited to visit this country in order to get acquainted with what this land has to offer. And believe me, this would have to be one insanely magnificent trip to convince me to fly 20+ hours to Johannesburg just 9 days after flying 22 hours from Istanbul to the US.

While this trip will be much shorter than my recent stay in Europe, the two weeks that I will spend in South Africa is going to full of activities, all of which my brain still can’t believe I’ll actually be participating in.

What kind of activities?

I do want to keep this post under 5000 words so I’ll just list a handful of what’s on the itinerary…actually, you know what, I don’t feel like listing the activities below. I feel like telling you myself. So, here it goes…

So there you have it. And the truth is, I’m looking forward to not only experiencing South Africa for myself, but to sharing the journey with you as well because, after this recent European trip, with all of the comments and emails that came in from everyone, I realized once again that this site is nothing without all of you.
Travel To South Africa - Shark Cage Diving, South Africa

And so, I hope that you will now follow along with me as I travel to South Africa and continue to share with me your suggestions and advice and to always feel comfortable in asking me any questions about anywhere I’ve been.

I’m really loving the interaction that’s been taking place here and I absolutely feel that, while it might be me who is getting on the plane Saturday, in truth, we’re all going to South Africa together…