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How You Can Live A Life Of Travel

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Buddha in Bali

When people ask me why I blog, I always give the same reason. I simply state that I want to help others understand that a life of travel, which basically means having travel play a significant role in your life, is so much more possible than most people ever imagine.

And I am constantly reminding myself of that mission every time I write a post, reply to my emails and use social media.

So whenever I receive a message from someone who was inspired by my blog and who started traveling as a result of reading my posts, I can’t explain how wonderful that makes me feel. It also makes me feel even better when such a person explains that the decision to start traveling was the best decision they had ever made. And luckily, almost everyone I hear from says that very thing!

And because my goal is to prove that a life of travel is quite realistic, I am always trying to think of new ways to spread my message to even more people.

That’s why, for the past five months, I’ve been working quite hard on a project that I’ve been wanting to put together for a while, a project that I sincerely hope will convince even more people that giving up on your travel goals should not be an option.

Well, after four straight nights of almost no sleep, as I put the finishing touches on this project, I am so very happy to announce the launch of the…

“How to Live a Life of Travel” eGuide

How to Live a Life of Travel

In short, this eGuide consists of everything you need to know to live a life of travel. It’s 220 pages in length and it’s full of carefully created material, which you can read more about right here on this page: How to Live a Life of Travel

As you can tell, I’m not into fancy eBook launches. I’ve finished the product and I just want to make it available. Of course, I do hope the word will spread and if you happen to know of anyone who might find this guide useful, I certainly would appreciate you passing along the link to them.

And that’s it. I really do hope that many of you will benefit from this product and as you can see on the How to Live a Life of Travel page, I’ve tried to do my very best to make this the only resource you’ll need to achieve your goal of long-term travel. (I even throw in unlimited personal travel support.)

In addition, and before I end this short post, I just want to express my appreciation to all of you for being a part of this wonderful community. I absolutely love what this blog has become and I have each and every one of you to thank for that!

Now I’m going to try and get some sleep.


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Comments 38

  1. Hi Earl
    I guess your book will work on my Kindle? Do you know if it suited to the kindle as i’ve bought a few E-books and the text is far too small? I need something to read while i’m in Greece next week on holiday and this looks like the perfect book.

    1. Hey Jason – You will be able to open the PDF file on your Kindle and it should work just fine. I am in the process of creating a specific Kindle format so that it will look a little better but I probably won’t have that ready for another couple of weeks. However, I’ve read several PDF files on my Kindle and it’s been quite good.

  2. Earl….There are very few people that influence me as I enter my jaded years, but your blog, over anybody else’s has kept me inspired. I recently took a week off just to explore the northwestern USA, where I have never been before, and it was exhilarating. Having no specific plans and no reservations for anything, I found myself having a blast sitting in an open field surrounded by mountains near Crater Lake, Oregon, only to have a herd of about 50 cows just walk up to me and stare, as if they were saying congratulations on the beginning of your traveling journey. LOL!!!! OK, so I have had some wine……anyway, the point is, I will be purchasing both “How To Live A Life of Travel”..and “Get Paid To Travel…Work On A Cruise Ship”. Even if I never commit to a life similar to yours or the many others out there traveling, you bring a lot of inspiration and hope to some of us. Thanks. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks you for that Craig. I don’t know what to say except that I’m so very excited when I hear tales such as yours. I know the feeling when the rewards of travel show themselves to us and how it quickly ignites a desire to continue such a lifestyle. Your time in the Northwest sounds more than ideal and I certainly look forward to seeing where you may end up next!

      And thank you for wanting to purchase the eBooks as well…you’ll actually find a discount code inside the “How to Live a Life of Travel” eBook that will give you 50% off the cruise ship eBook 🙂

  3. Thanks Earl for the great ebook just downloaded it now. I’m of to Japan and Taiwan in July so hopefully I can use some of the tips in this book!

    Good luck with the book I’m sure you will sell many of them.

    1. Hey Shaun – Thanks for the purchase and please let me know if any questions arise after reading the material! I’m sure it will prove useful for your upcoming trip!

  4. I truly appreciate the effort you put into sharing your experience and the humility to share your mistakes so that we may avoid them.

    Thank You!

    1. Hey Randy – My goal has always been to portray life and travel as honestly and openly as possible. And making mistakes is a part of life…anyone who says differently is only fooling themselves.

  5. Just purchased.. as a huge fan of Refusing the Rat Race I look forward to finishing this new book within the next three nights. Earl is probably one of the friendliest bloggers around, and his books are instructional for those who want to live the traveling lifestyle in the future

    1. @Vagabonnder – Thanks for that comment! And if you finish this eBook in three nights, you’re a much faster reader than I am 🙂

  6. Congratulations on finishing the eguide, Earl!

    I must say that, although I’ve loved traveling for quite a long time, your blog (and especially some of your posts about Playa del Carmen) has been very helpful and encouraging for my current trip!

    Many thanks and keep it up!

    1. Hey Nico – That’s so excellent to hear and if you get ‘stuck’ in Playa del Carmen, let me know. I just might have to head down there again soon for another visit.

      1. I got stuck in Playa for around 3 months, but thought it was time to head elsewhere and meet new places. I just got to Utila island (Honduras) a week ago! This place is also amazing!

  7. Hi Earl,

    I am purchasing this Ebook from you for two reasons and two reasons only. One reason is for the information of course but the main reason is because of YOU. You’ve given good and free information on your blog for a long time now and I appreciate that. And, I’ve always been impressed that you respond to my emails being as busy as you are. It shows you are the real deal so for these reasons, I am happy to support your new ebook. Ordering now as we speak.


    1. @Turkey’s For Life – I have no idea how I found the time, but it had something to do with being awake between the hours of midnight and 6am 🙂 Thanks so much for adding it to your Pinterest board!

    1. Hey Osvaldo – Since some of the material from the Rat Race ebook is included in this new one, I decided to replace it completely in the end.

  8. Congrats on the Ebook! That’s HUGE! To go four nights without sleep is truly amazing. You must have had an extreme level of passion for your book to stay up for so long. To write an ebook while still keeping up with everything else must require serious sleep compromises. I need to experiment with new ways to get by on less sleep.

    1. @Earthdrifter – I certainly don’t recommend staying awake for four nights…since I did that I’ve had trouble sleeping every night since. Getting by on 6 or 7 hours of sleep would be ideal though. If you find a good method, be sure to pass it on!

  9. Great news Earl! I know for sure that your travels and ways of story sharing have had a greatly positive impression on my travels and blogging. I can think of no better person with greater travel experience than you to write an overall travel guide like this!

    1. Hey Mark – I certainly appreciate you being a part of the community and I’m still looking forward (I know I’ve been saying this for a while now) to finally meeting you in person one of these days!

  10. Hi Earl!

    Looking forward to purchasing this! My girlfriend & I are going to be doing quite a chunk of travelling next year and beyond, hopefully resembling the way you do it!

    It’s been a personal dream & goal of mine for a long time to travel in the way you do for at least a few years, and this was before even stumbling across this blog a year and a half ago, though I’ve been exceptionally afraid to ever actually ‘do’ anything about it. The reason for waiting until next year is a very close friend of mine has decided to get married in Vegas, a bit far for some Western Australians from Perth! That will really punch a hole in the backup funds(savings really..) & I also have a silly car to sell off. Otherwise I would be out there already!

    I’ve watched the past 3/4 years float by just working my regular job thinking about ‘travel’, but since I found this blog I have been learning and absorbing as much as I could from it so that when the time really came it wouldn’t be so daunting. I must admit, the past 6 months have melted away, and the next 6 seem like they are going to fly – which means I’m probably going to end up on the road in no time!

    Sorry for the long post! Can’t wait to read it 🙂 Thanks for sharing everything that you do!!

    1. Hey Kirk – You will absolutely be on the road in no time at all! And I’m sure that the trip to Vegas, while it may suck up some funds, will only fuel your desire to travel ever further. Any form of travel, such as for a wedding, tends to make a person even more excited about future adventures, forcing them to do whatever it takes to make sure they get out there on the road as quickly as possible.

  11. Catia,

    That’s awesome that your son is doing that! I wish I had when I was younger. I agree that traveling and living life is an education no instiution can offer.

    Congrats to YOU for supporting his ventures – it’s not always an easy thing for a parent to let their kids do something so adventurous.

  12. Your blog has greatly influenced my attitude and the way I travel; although I don’t do it full time (yet?), I’m able to carve out ways to make it happen consistently.

    Last summer you answered a lot of my 19-year-old son’s questions about long-term traveling. He’s approaching the 9-month mark in Spain, after visiting France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Morocco. Mostly with little or no money. He’s postponing college a bit to do this, but he has gotten more of an education than many do at university.

    Thanks for your efforts, they’ve made a big difference to my family!

    1. Hey Catia – I appreciate that comment and I can only imagine that your son is having such an incredible education at that age! And to be doing it on such a budget is an experience that will benefit him for the rest of his life. If he ever makes it to Romania, tell him to let me know and I’d be more than happy to show him around!

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