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“How to Live a Life of Travel”

Check out this useful guide that will show you what you need to do in order to try and create a lifestyle that involves as much as travel as you wish.

Travel Tips, Advice & Thoughts

Why You Should Travel Despite Your Fear of Failure
How Can We Help You Travel?
A Quick Chat With My Younger Self
How Does A Permanent Nomad Pack?
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The “One Person Rule” That Can Change It All
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You Can’t Fail At Traveling The World
The One Person Rule That Can Change It All
Places Around The World That I Shall Never Forget

Travel Costs

Countries You Can Visit For $1000 Or Less Per Month
How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
How I Can STILL Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Life Of Travel?
Living Abroad For Less Than $1000 Per Month
The Currency Of Pad Thai
How To Rent An Expensive Apartment For A Budget Price While Traveling
How to Make Your Money Last Longer While Traveling

Work & Travel

How I Make Money Online To Support My Travels
How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
42 Ways You Can Make Money & Travel The World
It’s Okay To Be A Non-Digital Nomad
How To Get A Job On Board Cruise Ships
How To Fund Your Travels With Creativity
There’s Nothing Wrong With a 40-Hour Workweek

Travel Gear

Here’s a list of travel gear I carry around with me on my travels. Be warned though, I don’t carry around much at all!

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Life As A Nomad

Challenges of a Permanent Nomad
Has Travel Made Me Dumber?
How Many Beds Have You Slept In?
I Have Worms
If You’re A Socially Awkward Nomad & You Know It…Clap Your Hands
Everybody Told Me I Was A Useless Bum
Am I Destined To Wander The World All Alone?
A Test: Is Long-term Travel Right For You?

Country Specific Information

AfghanistanAlbania – Antigua & Barbuda – Argentina – AustraliaAustria – Bahamas – Bahrain – Bangladesh – Barbados – Belgium – Belize – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Brunei – Bulgaria – Burma – Cambodia – Canada – Chile – China – Costa Rica – CroatiaCuba – Czech Republic – Dominica – Egypt – El Salvador – England – EstoniaFijiFinlandFrance – Germany – Greece – Grenada – Guatemala – Honduras – Hungary – Iceland – IndiaIndonesia – Italy – IraqIsrael – Jamaica – Jordan – Kenya – Kiribati – Kyrgyzstan – Laos – LatviaLebanon – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Malaysia – Maldives – Malta – MauritiusMexicoMoldovaMontenegroNepal – Netherlands – New Zealand – NicaraguaNorth Korea – Norway – Oman – Pakistan – Panama – Philippines – Portugal – Romania – Saint Kitts & Nevis – Saint Lucia – Samoa – Serbia – SeychellesSingaporeSlovakiaSloveniaSouth Africa – Sri Lanka – Sweden – SwitzerlandSyriaTanzania ThailandTurkeyUkraine – United Arab Emirates – United States – Uruguay – Vatican City – Vietnam – Yemen

Travel Tales & Adventures

Chewing Qat With Locals In Yemen
A Chinese Bar, Shisha & ‘Sexy Sexy’ in Iraq
The Day US Customs Found A Bullet In My Pocket
Thank You To The Militant Who Stole My Car
The Day I Was Followed By A Secret Agent In Beirut
The Simplest Hotel In The World
The Dumbest Things I’ve Done While Traveling
Chewing Qat With Locals in Yemen
My Experience In Tamga, Kyrgyzstan Is Exactly Why I Love Travel
Wandering Earl: Live From Here (Video Series)!

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