Petra - Wandering Earl

The Past

It’s now been 18 years of nonstop travel since I took off for what was supposed to be a 3 month trip to Southeast Asia back in 1999. I really can’t believe it myself as I clearly remember that first day in Bangkok so long ago, and I definitely didn’t see this coming at all.

It’s wacky, I tell you.

In 2009, I started after my good friend Ben told me I should start a travel blog one day while we were hanging out in Sayulita, Mexico. I actually just caught up with Ben in Miami last week and we had a good laugh about how this was all his idea.

Of course, like most travel bloggers that started back then, I never did expect my blog to be anything other than a platform for me to write some quick updates about my travels and for my family and friends to leave some comments until they eventually got bored.

Eight years later and I’ve now written over 400 blog posts, received over 40,000 comments and even more emails, made videos, been active on social media, been a guest on over 100 podcasts and interviews and even started organizing tours to various countries.

That’s all even wackier to me.

The Present

Of course, that’s all great stuff. However, I never have viewed this blog and everything it encompasses as a one-way street. It’s far more than me just writing posts about my experiences.

The blog and social media have become a real, and constantly growing, community.

Of course, without the blog, there would be no community. But without the community – and this part is far more important in my eyes – there’s a good chance I would not still be traveling and as a result, there wouldn’t be any blog.

I certainly don’t underestimate the role that every visitor to the site, every reader, everyone who has liked a Facebook post or left a comment, everyone who has sent me an email and so on, has played in creating all of this as well as in keeping me motivated to continue traveling the world. I ain’t joking.

And as another not-to-be-underestimated bonus of this community, how can I not love the unfathomably huge amount of travel assistance and knowledge that I’ve gained from others. It happens all the time.

For example, if you haven’t seen already, when I announced on Facebook the other day that I’m going to Africa in February (oh yes I finally am!), the comments started pouring in and I now have a massive collection of useful information and great contacts to help me plan my trip. Even better, so does anyone else looking to visit Africa, just by reading that post and the comments!

A big thank you to those who left comments! Your assistance does not go unnoticed.

The Future

Okay. I know that Wandering Earl isn’t your standard travel blog and at times I can be all over the place, but my goal has always been to present an honest and real account of my life and travels. The idea is to give you the best possible understanding of what it’s like to travel, what opportunities exist out there and how you can achieve your own travel goals as well.

And now, as 2017 continues to roll along, I want to make sure I’m on the right track. I want to make sure I’m giving you exactly what you’re looking for and I’d like to ask for your assistance in doing it.

One simple question:

What do you want to see on Wandering Earl?

I’m open to anything, whatever allows me to use my 18+ year adventure around the world to help (or entertain) you in some way, shape or form. Certain posts, video series, a podcast, life challenges, more tours, personal travel consulting, travel to offbeat destinations… the possibilities are infinite.

General, specific, creative and even the craziest ideas are all welcome!

From here in Delhi, India, I’m all ears and looking forward to hearing your answers!