Laivahostel Borea, Turku, Finland

Laivahostel Borea, Turku

It’s an old cruise ship, an old ferry boat that used to operate between Finland and Stockholm. And now? It’s permanently docked in the Aura River, right near the Turku Castle, and it has been converted into a hostel, the Laivahostel Borea.

That’s right…you enter the ship by walking up the gangway straight onto Deck 3 and you check in at the reception desk located in the central lobby. From there, you walk down the corridors, and possibly to another deck, in order to reach your cabin, which is, an actual cruise ship cabin. And the cabins seem to be left exactly the way they were when the ship was in operation, giving you the feeling that you are indeed about to take a cruise.

And while the rooms are small and the bathrooms tiny, just as is the case on a cruise ship, this is an experience that is well worth it because, after all, when do you have a chance to sleep at a hostel located on an old cruise ship?

A buffet breakfast is included, there’s wi-fi in the common areas, you can have a sauna every morning and the location is just a 30-minute walk along the river or a 10 minute bus ride away from the center of town.

If you want to experience something beyond the normal hostel, then you should absolutely stay at the Laivahostel Borea during your time in Turku.

See below for photos and more details…

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Laivahostel Borea, Turku (outside deck)

Laivahostel Borea, Turku (top deck)

Laivahostel Borea, Turku (cabin)

Laivahostel Borea, Turku (cabin bathroom)


Laivahostel Hostel Borea
Aurajoki, Linnankatu 72
Turku 20100

Tel: +358 (0)40-843 6611
E-mail: [email protected]

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