Dream Hostel, Tampere
It is the perfect hostel. Simple as that. Whether you’re on a budget or you are traveling with a little more money, if you visit Tampere, there is no other place you should stay.

What makes the Dream Hostel Tampere so perfect?

Just wait until you walk in the front door and turn the corner. You’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was with what you see. It’s spotless, it’s atmospheric, it’s colorful, it’s friendly and fun, it’s organized…and if you were to sit down and think of everything that your perfect hostel would have, I bet you that the Dream Hostel Tampere already has it in place.

The dorm rooms are the best I’ve seen anywhere, with more privacy in the 16-bed dorm than most hostels offer in any of their rooms. The showers reminded me of the showers you would find in a spa and the common rooms and kitchen would fit seamlessly inside of a modern, luxury apartment.

In fact, that’s exactly what the Dream Hostel is…backpacker luxury.

And if you stay here, you’ll be treated to an ideal accommodation experience that very few hostels on the planet achieve, yet alone strive to reach.

When you go, say hello to the owner, Vile, and the wonderful staff who will do whatever it takes to ensure you have the most memorable visit in Tampere!

See below for photos and more details…

Dream Hostel, Tampere (twin room)

Dream Hostel, Tampere (dorm room)

Dream Hostel, Tampere (reception)

Dream Hostel, Tampere (common room)

Dream Hostel, Tampere (showers)

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Dream Hostel Tampere
Åkerlundinkatu 2
Tampere, Finland

Tel: +358452360517
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.dreamhostel.fi