As perfect as any cafe can be, within minutes of walking through the doors of Alan’s Cafe, I wished that I lived closer to the town of Hanko so that I could become a regular customer. It’s a quaint, airy cafe, with an open-kitchen, home-cooked meals, freshly baked pies and cakes, teas and coffee and even a small shop and bookstore taking up a couple of the other rooms in the building. And it’s all located in a lovely wooden home right in the center of town.

During my visit to Alan’s Cafe, I ate some salmon and whitefish, which came with potatoes, salad and homemade bread, and this meal ranked right up there as one of the best I ate in all of Finland. And the prices are not simply reasonable, they are inexpensive, especially for Finnish standards, allowing you to finish your meal with a slice of lemon meringue pie and a cup of tea. And then you can move from the dining room over to the bookshop where you can take a seat at a wooden table and just relax in the quiet, comfortable setting, mingling with the other patrons and most likely, the owner of the cafe as well.

The owner/head chef is truly a master, of both culinary creations and hospitality and she clearly puts a great deal of effort and love into this establishment. This is why I don’t hesitate to state that Alan’s Cafe is the ‘perfect cafe’, one that any visitor to Hanko would be foolish not to visit. And chances are you’ll end up visiting more than once!

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Meal at Alan's Cafe, Hanko. Finland

Cafe at Alan's Cafe, Hanko

Kitchen at Alan's Cafe, Hanko

Shop at Alan's Cafe, Hanko

Alan's Cafe, Hanko, Finland

Alan's Cafe, Turku (owner and daughter)


Alan’s Cafe
Rådhustorget 4, Raatihuoneentori 4
10900 Hanko, Finland

Tel: +358 19 2487622