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Every Trip Is A Trip Of A Lifetime

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Trip Of A Lifetime - Taj Mahal, India
Okay, some trips may be classified as a trip of several lifetimes, but, at the bare minimum, every single trip we take should be considered a trip of a lifetime. All it takes is a constant reminder that, even if our idea of travel is a yearly visit to Uncle Jim’s house on the other side of the country, backpacking around the world for one year or booking an all inclusive holiday, we should appreciate every moment of every trip. We are so very fortunate to be in a position to travel and we should never forget this fact.

After all, any time that we leave our home town, we instantly give ourselves an opportunity to learn and to enjoy life in ways that we have never before experienced. There are always unfamiliar and fascinating places to explore, new things to see and interesting people to meet. And if we believe that behind every new experience lies an endless stream of eye-opening and life-changing possibilities, the benefits of travel multiply to the point where every trip does indeed become a trip of a lifetime.

We don’t need ancient temples or 7,000 meter peaks or hippopotamuses for this to happen (although, the hippos certainly do help). All we need is the right mindset to magically transform our travels, any travels, whether it is indeed to Uncle Jim’s for the holidays or a 6-month trip to India or a week in Italy or a long weekend at a resort an hour away from home, into a trip that we will not only never forget, but into a trip that teaches us something valuable about the world and about ourselves.

And of course, when we welcome the opportunities that accompany any form of travel, instead of thinking even for one second that any of our travels are somehow less significant than other adventures, we are bound to have one spectacular, ridiculously amazing time, no matter what part of the world we may be visiting.

So, the point I’m trying to make is that a ‘trip of a lifetime’ absolutely does exist. But they are not exactly a once in a lifetime kind of event. Every single time we travel, we each hold the key to whether or not our experiences equal just another vacation, or involve a much more significant and rewarding journey.

And when we force ourselves to remember just how fortunate we truly are to be able to travel, it really does become quite easy for every adventure we take to become an adventure that simply feels too unbelievable to be real.

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Comments 29

  1. “We don’t need ancient temples or 7,000 meter peaks or hippopotamuses for this to happen (although, the hippos certainly do help). All we need is the right mindset to magically transform our travels, any travels, whether it is indeed to Uncle Jim’s for the holidays or a 6-month trip to India or a week in Italy or a long weekend at a resort an hour away from home, into a trip that we will not only never forget, but into a trip that teaches us something valuable about the world and about ourselves.”

    I love this segment of your post, I’m going to quote you on this.

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    1. Hey Wayne – A post and photo will be on the blog within the next couple of days! With such a packed itinerary I haven’t had much time to write yet 🙂

  3. It’s strange to think that we can sometimes get tired of travelling but I’ve learnt to solely focus on the trip at hand and not think too far away about all the wonderful places you could visit around the world. When you start comparing one temple to another, one bridge to another, one dish to another, you can certainly start to become discouraged with your trip and trip planning. Enjoy the beauty that each place has to offer and surely your trips will become more memorable after that!

  4. Earl, this is a touching piece and I’m glad I saved it for just this minute because I’ve decided I simply can’t afford to see Greece this summer. Your words helped me remember one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken was this past summer when we drove from Denver to Russell Kansas just to take the back roads to a funky little roadside attraction. Along the way we met a couple of characters, ate some great food, and were treated to acres and acres of sunflowers with heads raised to an impeccably blue sky. The internet has made our planet small in so many ways that we forget the next adventure could be a mere four hours down the road from home.

    1. Hey Laura – Your last line says it all and once we realize how very true that statement is, every adventure, even a short day trip, can become so rewarding. You may not be going to Greece, but I think you’ll have quite a wonderful summer anyway!

  5. I think that when I am old and frail I will relive each and every trip I’ve taken. Actually, I do that now! So many wonderful memories and so many more to come! It’s a mixture of living in the moment and living in the past:) I never forget how fortunate I am. Great post.

  6. Well said. I worry sometimes that traveling frequently makes me ‘traval jaded.’ Things that would blow away some people are mearly points things to check off. Its important to remember to be thankful for the chances we have and remember how unique each experience is.

    1. Hey Elizabeth – It is remarkably easy for travel to just become a list of things to do and that’s why it takes some effort to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be traveling in the first place!

    1. Hey Stephanie – And I’m sure you will have the same attitude for your next trip, especially if you realize the need to do so right now…

  7. I always love the excitement one feels right before a trip. I feel this way whether it is to Costa Rica or to Wisconsin because even local trips can become magical. This post captures that feeling of the unknown every adventure travel is in love with.

    1. Hey Ted – “Even local trips can become magical” – that says it all right there and is exactly what I believe. If we open ourselves up to the possibilities, it doesn’t matter where we go. Every trip will change our lives!

  8. Wowww that’s exactly how I feel of traveling and what I explain to people who think I’m a little insane of taking any opportunity to do so. Whether it’s a business trip, just a weekend or a longer trip they are all full of amazing experiences!

    And FYI when I’m stocked in daily work I travel thru your post so pleeeeeeaseee keep on traveling and posting!

    1. Hey Lore – Don’t you worry, I will try to keep you entertained at work as much as possible with my travels 🙂 There’s no plan to stop any time soon!

  9. I really agree with what you are saying and it also got me thinking about how lucky I am to have been able to travel as much as I have so far in my life 🙂 I have also gotten the question about which one of my trips where the best one and so on, and I have never been able to answer. Now I understand why!
    Becasue life itself is the journey and you can’t make the “trip of your lifetime” without your life being over (talk about being bored when you get home/back for one…). Your lifetime-trips continues during your real lifetime-trip 🙂
    (hope that makes sense) ^.^

    1. Hey Mikaela – Yes, that made sense, I think 🙂 And I have trouble with that question of which trip was my best trip as well. People find it hard to believe when I state that I love every travel experience I’ve ever had, which seems to be similar to how you feel about travel also!

  10. I agree totally with your sentiments expressed in your article Earl. It’s true what you say when you say that a journey doesn’t need ancient temples or 7,000 feet peaks to be a journey of a lifetime. I think it’s an attitude to life, trying to live in the present moment and trying to live spontaneously and as authentically as possible; these are the qualities that make every journey the journey of a lifetime.

    Two important qualities that I will mention here in addition to what you’ve mentioned are the ability to not take yourself too seriously and to let the inner child in your thrive.

    As for me I am happiest when I am on a journey to someplace, preferably a destination I’ve never been to before. When I am 35,000 feet up in the air in a plane I don’t care about what’s gone wrong in my life or who’s standards I haven’t lived up to. All I care about is that I am right there at that moment and in that moment I am happy. I love nothing more than discovering a new city. I am like a small child on an Easter Egg hunt. I find it thrilling and I love finding new and quirky places. I strongly feel that it brings out the best in me.

    1. Hey Matthew – Those two qualities are definitely important. And it’s true, as soon as you are living in the moment, fully aware that you are exploring, discovering and learning, nothing else matters and every experience you have becomes unfathomably rewarding. The more we realize this, the happier we’ll be and we can also try to carry over the same mentality into our normal, non-traveling lives. There’s a lot to be learned from travel beyond culture and history!

  11. I took a couple of months in Europe one summer in college, and my family insisted on describing it as a “once in a lifetime” trip. When I moved to China for the first year, same thing. I wonder sometimes if I didn’t start travelling long-term in part as a way to prove comments like that wrong?

    I agree totally with you, by the way. Whether I’m hiking in Nepal or back visiting family in Texas, the feelings of wandering and a sense of discovery can be exactly the same if only I can keep myself open to them.

    1. Hey Stephen – You made a good point…it’s about the sense of discovery and if we can realize that there is plenty to discover on every trip we take, we’ll get the most out of travels no matter where we travel. Maybe your parents knew this already and will describe every trip you ever take as a ‘trip of a lifetime’ just so you don’t forget how lucky you are 🙂

  12. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you! Your post on Every Trip is a Trip of a Lifetime could not have been read at a more perfect moment. I’m heading off to costa rica this week and was just thinking to myself and feeling a little down that it probably won’t be as exciting or exotic as my trip to Ethiopia or China or some of my other excursions. Reading what you wrote was the perfect dose of reality I needed. You’re right, I am really, realllly, blessed to travel and in the end it’s all about my perception. Thank you for your insight! I appreciate it 🙂

    1. Hey Val – I’m happy to hear that you found this post at such a time! And believe me, as soon as you land in Costa Rica, you’ll forget about Ethiopia or China and instantly realize that another ‘trip of a lifetime’ has just begun 🙂

  13. This is exactly how I approach travel – no matter where I’m going. I know how lucky I am to have seen all that I have seen in the past 25 years, and I know how lucky I am to be able to continue to travel. Plus, when you approach a new destination (or even an old one) with this sort of mindset, I feel like the experience is usually much more positive and can leave much more lasting impacts.

    1. Hey Amanda – I think you’re right…this kind of mindset just seems to breed positive experiences. It’s difficult not to enjoy a place when you learn to appreciate every moment of your travels!

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