Chichen Itza Mexico

The time has come once again for me to leave Mexico. In only four days time I shall be on an airplane bound for the US. The ‘plan’, and I use that term ever so loosely considering that I really don’t have anything planned apart from boarding that airplane on Monday morning, is to perhaps spend a few weeks visiting family and friends.

After that, I shall head off yet again. To where exactly?

Well, I shall be heading towards my favorite of destinations, that intriguing and typically fascinating land know as, the unknown.

The reality is that, at this very moment, I have no idea where I’ll be going after the US.

And while it is true that only recently I announced my participation in the Ultimate Train Challenge, that 30-day train journey from Lisbon to Saigon that is taking place during the month of September, my ‘plans’, as they have so often done this year, have once again changed. I have chosen to back out of that adventure after a great deal of thought. I just felt that it wasn’t the best match for me at this time. (I still think it’s an excellent idea and I hope you will join me in following the four bloggers who will be embarking on the Ultimate Train Challenge, which begins in less than 20 days.)

So, it’s now time for me to go somewhere new and create my own adventure. The problem is that whenever I sit down to try and determine to which region of the world I should travel, I find myself unable to reach a conclusion.

At certain times I find myself thinking about a trip to South America, perhaps starting off in Colombia, a country I have never before visited and a country that such travelers as Dave from, Troy from, Brendan from and Jasmine from have spoken so highly of that I would be a fool not to place it on my list of possible options.

However, I also have moments when I start to feel as if I need a complete change of scenery right now. After all, I’ve spent such a significant amount of time in a Spanish-speaking, Latin American country over the past two years that it might be healthy to head for a completely different region such as Eastern Europe. I must admit that it is quite easy for me to start imagining myself wandering through such countries as Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria, countries that I have long dreamed of, yet have never gotten around to visiting.

Orchha India
Of course, my mind doesn’t stop there. Before long, that one country that I can never seem to get out of my head starts to take over my thoughts, leaving me wanting nothing else but to be walking down the streets of any of its cities, towns or villages. Naturally, that country is India and it’s been over two years since my last visit, which is the longest I’ve stayed outside of that country at any point during the past decade. Even now, as I type these words, I can picture myself falling to my knees outside of the arrivals hall of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, and kissing the ground, so happy to be back on Indian soil.

But, wait a minute, what about Africa? There lies an entire continent that I have yet to explore. I must admit that the thought of traveling through countries such as Mali, Sudan, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia is also as appealing a thought as is possible for a long-term traveler such as myself. On the other hand, that thought is also quite intimidating. There’s such a variety of countries to visit in Africa and I would have no clue where to begin.

I just don’t know where to go.

And the above are just a few of the regions of the world that have crossed my mind. Other options include a trip through the Caucasus region, where Eastern Europe meets Western Asia and countries such as Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan await. And far away in the western Pacific Ocean is that country of 7000+ islands known as the Philippines, a country I have often thought about visiting as well. Heck, I’ve even contemplated traveling to Yemen (sorry, mom…but I imagine you’re somewhat accustomed to me traveling to such destinations by now).

As you can see, this is no easy decision. So, even though I will be somewhere new at some point in the relatively near future, I cannot tell you where that will be at this moment.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I should be asking you for advice. So, let me do that right now.

Are there any regions or countries that you would suggest I visit?

Or perhaps there’s a part of the world that you would like to see me travel to?

I know that second question sounds a little strange but I really do want to hear your ideas. And I certainly thank you ahead of time for any input you choose to give!