Morocco Tour - Dades Valley

Wandering Earl Tours 2018

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The 2018 Wandering Earl Tours are ready! —A new year of exotic destinations, unique itineraries and new adventures await!— I am extremely excited to announce the first group of 2018 trips… India (February) New York City (March and October) Seychelles (catamaran trip in May!) Morocco (May) Jordan and Jerusalem (April) Vietnam (August) Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan (June) Romania (July) (More details: …

Wandering Earl Tours 2017 - small group tours

Wandering Earl Tours for 2017

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Since 2012, I’ve been running my Wandering Earl Tours as a side project through this blog, offering unique, small group tours to countries around the world. I’ve now welcomed 190 people on a variety of trips to all corners of the globe. This is not some big tour company of course. I don’t make contracts with tourist hotels, I don’t …

Wandering Earl Tour to India - Taj Mahal

Wandering Earl Tours 2016 – Announcement

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My journey to Morocco begins in about 12 hours, with a 4:30am flight from Delhi to Doha, followed by two more flights that will eventually take me to Marrakech. Never been to Morocco. Naturally, I’m quite excited. And while my stay probably won’t be too long, I’ll make the most of it as I have some unique activities planned, a …

Wander Across Mexico Group

A Recap Of My Wander Across Mexico Tour

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Yesterday, my second Wandering Earl Tour came to an end. And I must say, it was a strange feeling to say goodbye to another group of splendid people, people whom I was fortunate to get to know quite well over the past two weeks. I would absolutely love to continue traveling with everyone, to continue sharing experiences, to continue engaging …