Start Traveling Now

Should You Start Traveling Now or Later?

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One day we’ll meet up at a cafe somewhere in the world and you’ll tell me your story, your story of how you went from the mere idea of wanting to travel to actually making it a reality. And I look forward to hearing all about it. It will happen, whenever the time is right. That’s the key. When the …

Important Travel Rule

The Most Important Travel Rule

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It was simply stunning. The sun was rising over the holy Ganges River, with the gentle foothills of the Himalayas off in the distance, the town slowly awakening into a soft pink glow. The atmosphere so peaceful, so serene. I stood there enjoying this sunrise for quite some time, watching the monkeys hop around the rooftops in front of me, …

Confidence to Travel

Do You Have Enough Confidence to Travel? You Should.

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You’re ready to travel. You even bought a backpack. You told your friends that you’re taking off within the next few months. You have a general itinerary and you can’t wait to get on that airplane. But you also know that your travels probably won’t happen in the end. You’re fully aware that despite the excitement of travel, despite your …