Travel Products

Travel Products & Websites Worth Checking Out

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The year that is 2015 has brought me into contact with what seems like a higher-than-normal number of travel products, travel-related websites and travel services that I never knew about before. From all sorts of travel communities to compact hammocks to online postcards to oddly-shaped travel pillows that actually seem to make sleeping on airplanes even more uncomfortable, new things …

Gift Ideas - Some Stuff

Everybody Needs Some Stuff – A Few Gift Ideas

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Everyone needs some stuff. You don’t need a lot of stuff, but it would be quite difficult to go through life without any stuff at all. And while my goal is still to travel with under 10kg of stuff as often as I possibly can, that still means I own at least 10kg worth of stuff. George Carlin said that …

Buying a Macbook Pro

Buying a Macbook Pro…Was It A Good Decision?

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Yes, it was. Why? My Macbook Pro works. Simple as that. It’s efficient, stable and it’s infinitely more user-friendly than any other laptop I’ve ever owned, which includes an HP, a couple of Acer machines and a Sony Vaio. And my Macbook is also incredibly fun to use, something that, for someone who spends as much time online as I …

XShot camera extender

The XShot – Why Every Traveler Should Carry One

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It’s so simple, yet it’s such a brilliant idea. And it’s something that is useful for every single traveler who takes photos during their adventures around the world. It’s actually useful for any human being who takes photos of anything, anywhere, at any time. It’s the XShot camera extender, something that I’ve now been using religiously for the past two …