Travel and social media

A Rant About Travel, Awareness and Social Media

Derek Perspectives 125 Comments

Oh, no. No, no, no. That’s my reaction, all too often these days, when I go on social media. I’m sure we all have seen it. The photo of a travel blogger or ‘travel influencer’ in their cutest or most striking pose, wearing a short summer dress or going shirtless with beer in hand…while standing on the streets of an …

Top 197 Countries in the World - map

The Top 197 Countries in the World You Should Visit

Derek Perspectives 39 Comments

Ah, lists. When it comes to online travel information, there’s no shortage. Top 5, Top 10, Top 20…lists, lists and more lists. Lists telling us exactly which countries in the world we need to visit right now, what to do when we get there, where to stay, what we should see, where we should eat and so on. It’s only …

Epic Travel Experience

How To Ruin An Epic Travel Experience

Derek Kenya, Perspectives 33 Comments

There I am. I’m sitting on the balcony of a beautiful wood cabin, staring out into the wilderness, listening to the sound of elephants roaring somewhere at the foot of the nearby hill. Flashes of lions and giraffes and cheetahs and black rhinos and warthogs appear in my head. Flashes of massive green mountains and never-ending savannas dotted with wildebeest, …

Good Travel Photo

It’s a Struggle to Take a Good Travel Photo

Derek Mexico, Perspectives 24 Comments

Oh, the torture. The writing, the emails, the tweeting…that stuff is all good. The real challenge, the real thorn with this blogging stuff, comes from the photos. Taking a perfect travel photo to post online – on Facebook, the blog or Instagram – is just plain difficult. And to do it over and over and over again? It’s madness I …

Traveler Instinct

Why I Always Trust My Traveler Instinct

Derek Personal Stuff, Perspectives 68 Comments

During the three days I spent in Istanbul earlier this month, something didn’t feel right. Sure, I followed the general routine that I usually follow, and have enjoyed greatly, during my earlier travels to this city. I booked a private room at the friendly Cheers Hostel, I returned to my favorite eateries scattered around the back streets and lanes of …

Travel and Life

My Robot-Like Approach to Travel and Life

Derek Perspectives 74 Comments

If you dare me to do something, I’ll do it, whatever it involves. I might not like it but I’ll show zero emotion whatsoever, pretend that nothing could possibly bother me at all and I’ll face the challenge at hand. If you told me I won a two month trip to the South Pacific, to bounce around from island to …