I'm Going on Vacation

Video: I’m Going On Vacation Tomorrow

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Sometimes I just feel like making a video… (If you’re seeing this post via email, please click here to view the video.)When’s the last time you’ve taken a vacation? Was it a good one? Are you going on vacation soon? And before I go, I wanted to mention an interesting website whose founder I’ve recently been in touch with. It’s …

Help Me Find a Home

Please Help Me Find A Home!

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Here’s the situation. I am still very much addicted to traveling and I don’t hesitate for even a millisecond in stating that I plan to continue wandering around this world for many years to come. The thought of hanging up my backpack for a different kind of lifestyle right now is simply not a thought that I’m able to entertain. …

End of a Long Trip - Warsaw Airport

Everybody Told Me I Was A Useless Bum

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You’re a no good, life-wasting, rotten, monkey-loving, responsibility-avoiding, useless, bum. That’s right, if you choose to avoid the normal routine in life and replace it with travel, whether for a few months, a year or even a decade or more, you’re a bum, without exception. When we voice our desire to travel, it is unfortunately common to be met with …

Train from Bucharest to Timisoara

I’m Going On Vacation

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As of this very moment, I’m taking a break. It won’t be a terribly long break, maybe 7 or 10 days at most, but during this period of time I will not be putting any posts up on the site and I’ll be responding to emails at a much slower pace than normal. This will actually be the first break …