The Most Important Word In The World

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This article has been written as part of the “Most Important Word in the World” series, a collaborative project to inspire people to step outside their comfort zones and find adventure and friendship. Other contributors to the series are: 1 Year Sabbatical, Nomadtopia, the Dropout Diaries, Disrupting the Rabblement, Beyond Norms, Do Something Cool and A World of Inspiration. Finally, …

Indian boy, Rajasthan

People Who Helped Make My 2010 Memorable

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When I sat down to try and recap the year that has been 2010, my initial thought was to naturally talk about the countries I’ve visited during these past 12 months. However, I soon realized that instead of talking about specific destinations and travel experiences, I’d much rather recap the year through images of the people I’ve encountered along the …

Monsoon Rains in India

How To Turn Severe Weather Into A Travel Memory

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First of all, let me reintroduce myself. Here I am. Wandering Earl. Let me repeat, “Wandering Earl”. It appears that more than a few people have been quite confused about my identity over this past week, often mistaking me for someone completely different. I’m not mad or anything. And even though some of you have berated me via email or …