Old City, Riga, Latvia

My Travel Plans For The Rest Of The Year

Derek Everything Else, Finland 61 Comments

Oops. I forgot to publish a post yesterday. I wanted to write about my travel plans for the rest of the year but Monday came and went and between getting ready for my next set of travels and actually flying to my first destination, I apparently didn’t have any time to sit down and write something. So, here we go, …

Beach at Sayulita, Mexico

My ‘Travel Date’ With A Guy Named Kaji

Derek Bulgaria, Everything Else 44 Comments

Anyone who has spent even a short amount of time traveling would certainly be familiar with the ‘travel date’. This is when we actively seek out another traveler to spend time with despite knowing that we will end up having the exact same conversation, one that revolves around a very typical set of questions, that we’ve had thousands of times …