Crowd in NY

What I Like Most About The USA

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Every now and then, while out there traveling, I end up in a conversation in which someone asks me “What do you like best about your home country?” The first couple of times it happened, I actually had to think real hard to come up with an answer, simply because I spend so much time focusing on international travel and …


Overseas, I Read That It’s Beautiful Over There

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This past Tuesday I went to get a haircut in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, a city that is located about an hour to the west of the city of Boston. I had simply woken up in the morning and decided that it was time to trim the hair and so I asked my uncle, who I was visiting with, …

Atlantic City Bally's Casino

Atlantic City: Two Days Of Losing Money

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Over the past few years, every time I visit my friends in NYC, a most interesting phenomenon has taken place. We’ll be sitting around one random morning, perhaps in the living room of my friends’ apartment or maybe at the funky, yes, I said funky, Tillie’s Brooklyn Cafe, a few blocks away, and we’ll be discussing the usual topics that …

LAX Airport

Minor Observations On Life From An Airport

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While traveling from Florida to New York City two days ago, I found myself mid-journey sitting in the airport at Charlotte, North Carolina, nibbling on a sandwich and observing life around me. There is always so much to observe in airports and many a time have I amused myself for hours in between flights simply by doing nothing else but …