Brasov, Romania

My Favorite Travel Destinations In Eastern Europe

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Two nights ago, my fourth Wandering Earl Tour officially came to an end. Our group of ten mighty fine individuals wined (drank beer actually) and dined for the last time together after having traveled around Romania and Moldova for the past two weeks. And while I genuinely hope that everyone on the tour enjoyed their experience in this part of …

Visit to Ukraine

I Barely Survived My Visit To Ukraine

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My apologies for the lack of activity as of late. I arrived in the city of Lviv, Ukraine back on July 29th and I’ve been in the country ever since. However, I have also been quite sick during that entire time unfortunately. It all started the day after I arrived – a cold, a temperature, body aches, sore throat, cough …

Why I'm Not In Kyrgyzstan

Why I’m Not In Kyrgyzstan Right Now

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On July 18th, I was sitting at a cafe in Bucharest talking to a fellow traveler, Jeremy, from, when he randomly mentioned that Pegasus Airlines, a budget airline based out of Turkey, was offering extremely cheap airfares from Bucharest to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Interesting. Upon hearing this piece of news, I decided to double-check his claim and …