Damascus, Syria

This Post Is For My Friends In Syria

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Last night I was sitting here in my room in Bucharest at 12.45am. I was exhausted from not being able to sleep the night before due to a severe headache. But despite the exhaustion, despite the headache, I turned on my laptop. I really wanted to try and reply to a few of the emails in my inbox, emails that …

The Most Important Word In The World

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This article has been written as part of the “Most Important Word in the World” series, a collaborative project to inspire people to step outside their comfort zones and find adventure and friendship. Other contributors to the series are: 1 Year Sabbatical, Nomadtopia, the Dropout Diaries, Disrupting the Rabblement, Beyond Norms, Do Something Cool and A World of Inspiration. Finally, …

Bus Trip from Homs to Palmyra, Syria

Exhausted But Not Ready To Sleep

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As I stumbled onto the bus, all I could think about was finding my seat and passing out. I had reached that point of exhaustion where my brain was able to do little more than perform it’s most basic functions and and even an attempt to speak resulted in a jumbled collection of incomprehensible caveman sounds. The time was only …

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus

Dealing With Website Issues In Damascus

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Damascus, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities on the planet. So much to see, so much to explore, yet I did very little during my first couple of days in Damascus. Sure, I wandered around the Old City a couple of times, devoured a large vanilla ice cream cone topped with pistachios and cashews from the famous Bakdash ice …

Syrian Pounds

How Much It Costs To Travel In Syria

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Now that I’ve been here for just under a month, I have a decent grasp on how much it costs to travel in Syria. And to be honest, this is a country that offers a quality adventure no matter how much money you’re interested in spending. On the budget end of the spectrum, it’s quite possible to travel in Syria …

Turkey/Syria border crossing

Welcome To Syria My Friend!

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There have been a few brilliantly memorable times in my life when I’ve been walking down some random street in some random town of some random country and suddenly I find that there’s a little extra kick in my step. The hairs on my arms stand on end and a tingling sensation runs up my spine and quickly spreads throughout …