Eurail Austria

Eurail Adventure: Lucerne to Vienna

Derek Austria, Switzerland 39 Comments

Less than two minutes after walking into the ticket office at the train station I walked back out into the streets of Lucerne holding my freshly printed train ticket to Vienna. Sure, I would have to travel from Lucerne to Zurich on Switzerland’s train system and then switch to Austria’s international rail service that would take me the rest of …

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland: How Not To Buy Apples

Derek Switzerland 29 Comments

Swans. A great deal of swans, and ducks. Bridges, wooden bridges, too. And flowers. Flowers everywhere. Lots and lots of flowers. This is Switzerland after all, and one should not expect anything less than swans, wooden bridges and an abundance of flowers. And yes, I was greeted by all of those things upon arrival in the town of Lucerne, along …