Our Vacation to South Africa (by Earl’s mom)

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Hello everyone. I’m Sue and I’m Derek/Earl’s mom and right now I’m on my way home from the most amazing vacation to South Africa. I asked Derek if I could write a post, and of course, he wouldn’t say no, however, keep in mind that I am not a writer and have never written a post before. When Derek (aka …

View of Cape Town

I Can’t Believe I’m Back in South Africa!

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Walking from the airplane towards the immigration area, I noticed that I was walking a little faster than normal. And when I turned the corner, walked down the small staircase and straight into the immigration line itself, I could not help but smile widely. I received my entry stamp, picked up my backpack (which for the first time in all …

The Marine Hermanus, South Africa

When Daydreams Of Travel Come True

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Before I actually started traveling, I remember spending a great deal of my time daydreaming about being a traveler. Entire afternoons would pass by, especially during my university years, where I did nothing but try to envision myself exploring every region of the world. Whether it was Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the South Pacific, Caribbean or …

Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa

An Early Morning Stare Down With An African Lion

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In previous posts, I’ve already written about the hippopotamuses and about the crocodiles that I ‘ran into‘ during my visit to South Africa back in December, and I’ve already posted photos of the zebras and the penguins of Boulder’s Beach as well. Now they’re all nice animals and everything but there were also quite a few other creatures that played …

Durban Football Match, South Africa

The Night I Felt The Powerful Vibe Of South Africa

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Forget about the wildlife. Forget about the wines and the mesmerizing coastline. You might as well forget about the diverse cuisine and the adventure activities for a moment as well. This post is going to highlight another aspect of South Africa, an aspect that probably had more of an impact on me than any of the others during my recent …

Kayaking in St. Lucia Estuary, South Africa

The Most Frightening Kayak Trip On The Planet

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Have you ever had an experience that you were so excited about before it began, but then, once you found yourself in the middle of that experience, you started to wonder if it was such a good idea after all? That’s exactly what I went through at one point during my visit to South Africa. And it all had to …

Orphans in Khula Township

A South African Township & My Zulu Warrior Dance

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Some travelers do it, many don’t and in my opinion, every traveler should. I’m talking about paying a visit to a South African township. Created during the Apartheid era, these communities, typically located on the outskirts of towns and cities, were designed to house the ‘non-whites’ who were living in what were then designated as ‘white-only’ parts of the country. …

Boulder's Beach, South Africa

I Went To South Africa & Adopted A Penguin

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It is only natural to expect some sort of animal encounter when one visits the vast continent that is Africa. And even though I prefer to travel without too many expectations these days, I would be telling a fib if I were to claim that I was not at all excited about seeing the animals that inhabit this region. Images …