Brasov, Romania

My Favorite Travel Destinations In Eastern Europe

Derek Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine 78 Comments

Two nights ago, my fourth Wandering Earl Tour officially came to an end. Our group of ten mighty fine individuals wined (drank beer actually) and dined for the last time together after having traveled around Romania and Moldova for the past two weeks. And while I genuinely hope that everyone on the tour enjoyed their experience in this part of …

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia: Not Just Another Lake

Derek Slovenia 57 Comments

Beyond the city of Ljubljana, that city to which I confessed my deep love last week, the tiny nation of Slovenia offers a significant range of other interesting destinations that every traveler to the region would be wise to consider visiting. In fact, many of you pointed out this very fact in the comments of my previous post about this …

Train in Slovenia

Eurail Adventure: Ljubljana to Zagreb

Derek Croatia, Slovenia 26 Comments

As if walking twenty minutes across Ljubljana (basically from one end of the city to the other) at 7:30am, in temperatures that refused to rise above freezing, and with my backpack strapped to my back, wasn’t tough enough considering my strong dislike for waking up early, you can imagine how I felt when I soon found myself standing on Platform …

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I’m In Love With Ljubljana

Derek Slovenia 100 Comments

No, Ljubljana is not a woman, but these days, I’ll take whatever I can get. If that means falling in love with the adorable capital city of the small European nation of Slovenia, then so it goes. Ljubljana, she who mesmerizes and awes visitors with her enormous beauty, is actually quite petite, with a population consisting of a mere 265,000 …

Austrian Train

Eurail Adventure: Vienna to Ljubljana

Derek Austria, Slovenia 28 Comments

The second leg of my train trip around Europe involved a somewhat shorter, and no less comfortable, international journey than the first leg. Starting off at Vienna’s Meidling station, I found myself on a Maribor-bound train sitting in a near-empty compartment, something that came as quite a relief. The day before, when I had visited the ticket office at the …