Hindu Temple, Singapore

Why I Travel So Much

Derek Perspectives, Slovakia 74 Comments

A few days ago, as I was combing through my own Facebook fan page, something I do from time to time because I somehow tend to miss a few of the messages that readers leave on the page, I noticed a message that I had in fact not noticed before. It was a very upbeat note, full of genuine curiosity …

Old City, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia: A Great Little City

Derek Slovakia 43 Comments

Last week I spent four days in Bratislava, Slovakia. It’s a small capital city, very small, in fact, with a population of only 450,000 or so. It’s the kind of city that always feels like a town, with a relaxed atmosphere and a lack of things such as heavy city noise, maniacal traffic or crowded streets. Take a stroll along …