Brasov, Romania

My Favorite Travel Destinations In Eastern Europe

Derek Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine 78 Comments

Two nights ago, my fourth Wandering Earl Tour officially came to an end. Our group of ten mighty fine individuals wined (drank beer actually) and dined for the last time together after having traveled around Romania and Moldova for the past two weeks. And while I genuinely hope that everyone on the tour enjoyed their experience in this part of …

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro: Straight Into A Brilliant Fairy Tale

Derek Montenegro 35 Comments

Have you ever been to a destination that instantly makes you feel like a kid? I’m not talking about Disney World or any place like that. I’m talking about a city or town that, as soon as you arrived, made you completely giddy and eager to explore every single corner possible. A place that left you wide-eyed and in awe, …

View of Ulcinj, Montenegro

A Relaxing Beach Vacation in Ulcinj, Montenegro

Derek Montenegro 32 Comments

When I decided to start my trip to the Balkans with a ten day vacation from the blog, I began searching for an ideal beach town in Montenegro where I could do nothing but relax. At the time, I admittedly knew very little about Montenegro and as I did some research, I found it quite difficult to determine which of …