Good Travel Photo

It’s a Struggle to Take a Good Travel Photo

Derek Mexico, Perspectives 24 Comments

Oh, the torture. The writing, the emails, the tweeting…that stuff is all good. The real challenge, the real thorn with this blogging stuff, comes from the photos. Taking a perfect travel photo to post online – on Facebook, the blog or Instagram – is just plain difficult. And to do it over and over and over again? It’s madness I …

I Love to Eat in Mexico

Oh How I Love To Eat In Mexico!

Derek Food, Mexico 49 Comments

Food plays a major role during my travels. I really enjoy my food, simple as that. And I look forward, each and every day, to the meals that await me wherever I may be. During my recent trip to Mexico, the situation was no different, especially considering how fond I am of the cuisine. I really do love to eat …

Is Mexico Safe to Visit

Is Mexico Safe To Visit?

Derek Mexico 52 Comments

“Is Mexico safe to visit?” is a question that not only am I asked quite often but a question that I see popping up all across the internet as well. And due to the fact that, just about ten days ago, I finished leading my two-week Wander Across Mexico tour, a tour that involved me taking a group of ten …

I Bought a Zoo

I Bought A Zoo While Traveling In Mexico

Derek Everything Else, Mexico 70 Comments

I don’t buy much while traveling. After all, I don’t have a house or an apartment to call my own and so, where would I put things if I bought them? I’m certainly not going to lug everything around with me everywhere I go and at the same time, I usually don’t see the point of buying something only to …