Beirut, Lebanon

The Day I Was Followed By A Secret Agent In Beirut

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Standing at the reception desk of the shabby, low-budget Al-Shabaa Hotel in the Gemmayze neighborhood of Beirut, there was little I could do when the hotel owner informed me that the single room I had booked was no longer available. He apologized several times as he explained that due to the Eid al-Adha holiday, the city was overflowing with travelers …

Lebanese Lira

How Much It Costs To Travel In Lebanon

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In comparison to neighboring Syria, Lebanon is an expensive country to travel around. This is not only due to the higher prices, but also due to the availability of excellent restaurants, endless cafes and bars that never fail in enticing travelers to stop in for just one more drink. And that’s not to mention the French bakeries serving delicious cakes! …

Baalbek, Lebanon

A Different Glimpse Of Lebanon

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In between the moments of extreme confusion that I dealt with during my visit to Lebanon, I managed to discover a handful of places that will forever stick out in my mind for one reason or another. And so I wanted to share these places with you so that you have a broader idea of what a traveler may expect …

Beirut, Lebanon

My Struggle To Understand Beirut

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Beirut. One minute I want to pack my backpack and immediately leave this baffling city behind and the next minute I want nothing else but to stay here for several weeks more. And so it is no surprise that despite waking up each morning wondering why I am still here, I soon find myself reserving my hotel room for yet …