Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Why You Should Visit The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

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Why don’t more foreigners visit the city of Amritsar during their travels around India? This is a question that I have yet to understand as, in my opinion, this one city, which is located some 450 kilometers (270 miles) northwest of Delhi, close to the border with Pakistan, offers an experience that is difficult to match anywhere else in the …

Chandni Chowk Market, Delhi

How To Do Delhi The Wandering Earl Way

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“Really?“ That one word is the most typical response I hear whenever I explain to a fellow traveler that I enjoy spending time in Delhi, India. And usually, such travelers throw in an “I just don’t get it” or “I don’t see the appeal” or “Are you crazy?” as well, finding it extremely difficult to comprehend how I could possibly …

Cow in Pahar Ganj

This Is The Incredible India That I Love So Much

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It’s been only five days, five quick days, but already my love for incredible India has once again been re-confirmed. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would feel to be back in this intriguing nation this time around as my last visit was a somewhat distant three years ago and my life has changed a great deal since then. Perhaps …

Leon, Nicaragua

Authentic Travel Experiences in Touristy Destinations

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Not every traveler finds their experiences overseas to be rewarding and if you read enough travel blogs, you will come across posts and comments from people who were actually quite disappointed with the destinations they visited. Most of the disappointment stems from arriving in a town or city or even country that turns out to be far more touristy than …

Mulbekh, Ladakh, India

The Simplest Hotel In The World

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For some reason, this morning, just seconds after waking up, I started thinking about an elderly Indian man. But this was not just any elderly Indian man, he was the owner of a small hotel, the simplest hotel you’ve ever seen, in the tiny Ladakhi village of Mulbekh, located some three days north of Delhi by car or bus, and …

Red Fort, Delhi, India

The Indian Railway: More Than A Tale Of Survival

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A few weeks have passed since I’ve mentioned the country of India in any of my posts, and that’s an amount of time that I consider unacceptable for someone who is as addicted to India as I am. So be warned, this post is all about India and an experience involving an the Indian Railway. However, I’m not going to …