Wiener Schnitzel

The World’s Largest Wiener Schnitzel

Derek Austria, Food 21 Comments

If the Wiener Schnitzel that I ate at the Plutzer Brau restaurant in the center of Vienna last week was not the largest Wiener Schnitzel ever created on this grand planet of ours, I shall shave my head and eat only cold soup for the remainder of this trip. Or maybe I’ll just travel to whatever restaurant serves a larger …

Austrian Train

Eurail Adventure: Vienna to Ljubljana

Derek Austria, Slovenia 28 Comments

The second leg of my train trip around Europe involved a somewhat shorter, and no less comfortable, international journey than the first leg. Starting off at Vienna’s Meidling station, I found myself on a Maribor-bound train sitting in a near-empty compartment, something that came as quite a relief. The day before, when I had visited the ticket office at the …

Heuriger Wieninger

Vienna, Austria: What On Earth Is A Heuriger?

Derek Austria, Food 21 Comments

One does not need to spend much time in the city of Vienna to understand the reasoning behind it’s constant ranking as one of the world’s most liveable cities. I needed only about four minutes to make this discovery myself as, from the moment I stepped off the train upon arrival, I found myself to be a much greater fan …

Eurail Austria

Eurail Adventure: Lucerne to Vienna

Derek Austria, Switzerland 39 Comments

Less than two minutes after walking into the ticket office at the train station I walked back out into the streets of Lucerne holding my freshly printed train ticket to Vienna. Sure, I would have to travel from Lucerne to Zurich on Switzerland’s train system and then switch to Austria’s international rail service that would take me the rest of …